19 April, 2011

Nutrition help for the “girl on the go”

19 April, 2011

People are often surprised when I tell them that my diet is not the healthiest. On the surface I look like I care for my health as I have always loved working out but while I look fit and am in shape my diet is seriously in need of some tender love and care. I (like so many of you) live a very hectic lifestyle here in Hong Kong and I find it very difficult to take time out of my day to seek out good quality food. I feel as if my calendar is always chock full of obligations and sitting down for a healthy meal is usually bypassed for a quick stop at Starbucks (or even worse Ebeneezers – which lately has become a very bad late night habit of mine).

My diet is full of sugar filled blueberry muffins, Doritos and take out curry – all things I thought to be time savers in my busy life. Fruits and vegetables rarely make it into my daily menu and needless to say I have a hunch that I am seriously lacking in the daily nutrients I should be putting into my body.

When I first heard of Cambridge Weight Plan I thought that it was never something I would need to look into because I don’t need to lose weight. I think when you classify yourself as a “girl on the go” you have no problem identifying your issues but dealing with them is usually a completely different story. At least that is how it is for me. I knew that I needed to seriously grow up and start taking ownership for what I put into my body. The problem is, I wanted something simple and easy. Something that could be a stepping-stone into a healthier overall lifestyle.

I decided I would see what all the hype with Cambridge was about and I scheduled a consultation (they even have their own resident “girl on the go” consultant!). It was so nice to sit down and chat to someone as it helped me prioritize what I needed to address and identify easy ways to start eating healthier. I was introduced to the shakes ($27 each) at Cambridge Health Plan and I am completely obsessed with them and they have now become a staple in my morning routine. I am not lying when I say that I went through a mini withdrawal when I finished my last pack and had to go a day without my Mint Chocolate Shake. I find it so easy to just sip on it while I am getting ready for the day and it is the sort of thing I look forward to in the morning. I feel as if this sounds a bit “infomercial-ly” but I am serious. I love the fact that it is so easy, so quick, and so good. I am hooked and even contemplated bringing them with me on a holiday to the US. Talk about being dependent, huh?

Since we are all busy here in HK I figured there would be a lot of you in the same position as me so as a time saver I sat down to chat with Januarie, Cambridge’s “girl on the go”, for a mini interview about how she stumbled into her new role, and how she incorporates Cambridge into her daily life. Januarie offers consultations (individual or in groups of 2) for $500.

What is the easiest way for a “girl-on-the go” to incorporate Cambridge Weight Plan into her life?
Girl on the go is my forte. Hong Kong is full of women who have numerous commitments, from hectic family schedules where mums are more focused on feeding their families but forget about themselves, to corporate women who have little time to eat or find something healthy to eat in a society where there are calorific options at every turn. All the plans are tailor made so it’s important to find out about the individual what their aims are and how we can create a workable plan that will fit into their life and achieve their aims. There are 6 plans and my approach makes sure we create one that is suitable for their needs and their lifestyle.

How does Cambridge benefit girls who may not necessarily need to lose weight?
The shakes, soups and porridge are easy to prepare rather than buying over-priced alternatives that will increase weight and leave you feeling hungry. Many women in Hong Kong do not have the time to make sure that they eat regularly and healthily. Cambridge can work as a food supplement; their snack bars are great for giving you energy before or after a work out, the porridge is a fantastic start a hectic day and the whole range is designed to provide you with all you need nutritionally.

Why did you decide to become a consultant for Cambridge?
After a few years of a hectic work schedule and social life I had gained some weight and wanted to find something that fitted in with my schedule and preparation requirements. Cambridge is scientifically healthy, low calorie, easy to prepare, and satisfies your hunger – it ticked all my boxes. I had been told about the plan by a very good friend and it came highly recommended. It was then that I met Sarah the founder of Cambridge Weight Plan Hong Kong and I became really interested in the concept and how it could benefit many women in Hong Kong.

How do you use Cambridge Weight Plan in your own diet?
I skip breakfast normally which limits metabolism. I have little time at lunch so will grab something that is costly and high in calories and stodgy which leaves me tired and has led to weight increase and in the afternoon when I’m tired and hungry I would normally eat chocolate which only leads to highs and lows. I now eat the Cambridge porridge so I have energy and it kick-starts my metabolism. At lunch I have shake or a soup instead of a fattening take away lunch and then have a healthy meal whether it’s at home, with my girlfriends or a client meal. It therefore does not hinder me eating socially and means I am eating healthily. If I am really hungry I have snack bar or an extra shake. I have fitted it in around what my life requires and now I know I eat when I should, I get all the daily requirements, its quick and easy and I don’t spend a fortune on rubbish and I still get to eat with friends or clients in the evening and spend far less than I would have normally.

What is your favourite Cambridge shake flavour and why?
Umm chocolate of course, although I love vanilla with a banana crushed up with the Cambridge shaker and whisk to make it throffy – how can that ever seem like a compromise?

To contact Januarie to schedule an appointment email [email protected] or call 2525 7165. Januarie works primarily in the Central area but there are a number of Cambridge consultants throughout Hong Kong so just mention what works best for you when scheduling your session and Cambridge will set you up with the consultant who best fits your needs!

Join Cambridge’s Slimmer of the Year Challenge! In March Cambridge launched the 2011 Slimmer of the Year Challenge. The competition is challenging Hong Konger’s to lose 2011 pounds throughout the year. The winner of Hong Kong’s Slimmer of the Year will receive a paid trip to London, a one-year membership to Season’s Fitness Kowloon and a Style Me Slimmer Consultation by Colour Me Beautiful. For more information on how to sign up contact Cambridge Weight Plan at 2525 7165 or [email protected]


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