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No Smoke without Fire

The Captain’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental is a true Hong Kong institution, where regulars can drink draft beer from their own engraved silver tankards, and where cigar smoke usually hangs so heavy in the air that non-smokers tend to just stick their heads inside, take one breath and then swiftly exit. To usher in a new smoke-free era when the smoking ban hits on July 1st, the Captain’s Bar (and M Bar) will be launching an innovative range of “smoking inspired” cocktails and canapés to help smokers kick the habit.

The Smoking collection includes three cocktails: Havana (containing rum infused with tobacco), Smoky Martini (a stem-less martini glass balanced inside a bubble glass filled with dry ice “smoke”), and Cigar & Cigarette, which is actually two different cocktails served together in tubes to look like their namesakes. The canapé selection is just as creative, named Light, Havana and Patch. Patch is actually literally inspired by a nicotine patch – a clear film served in a plastic dispenser that dissolves in the mouth to taste like smokey bacon.

We’re very excited to try them all out! Who ever thought smoking would be so cool again?

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