So… we’re not totally convinced by NewBark… Hailed by Vogue as the next Repetto ballet flat, and marketed by Net-a-Porter aggressively as the new must-have (for when your dogs are barking…geddit?), the best thing we can say about them is they look…um… comfortable? Maybe the problem is that we are too much in the time of the crazy, high heeled statement shoe that flats look rather dull by comparison? Especially flats that are styled to look rather like the mens slippers my granddad used to wear, though to be fair those were never silver…

Apparently though according to creators Maryam and Marjan Malakpour, these are truly “all-terrain” slippers, tested indoors and outdoors, in sun and in rain, on sand and on pavements. They believe that Newbarks will soon become essential in everyone’s life. They even come in a cute little pouch which you can see above which the creators optimistically suggest is a great last-minute alternative to an evening clutch.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Hong Kong will embrace them – stranger things have happened… For the moment we’ll probably be sticking with our yawnsome old Havaianas…
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