3 January, 2014

NEW YEAR… NEW RESOLUTION! We catch up with our That Girls and talk about their plans for 2014

3 January, 2014

The sound of the clock striking midnight chiming in 2014 is the sign of a New Year and new resolutions! We caught up with some of our Sassy That Girls to find out what their good intentions are for the next 12 months. Many have resolved to become more organised and a few have set their sights on perfecting their Cantonese. You’ll spot them roller-blading, running and meditating too in the year of the Horse. Out with the old and in with the new here’s to a fab New Year whether your challenges are big or small!

that-girl-cara-g-dcgCara Grogan, supermodel, television presenter and co-founder of the Genie Concept

My goal is to get back into shape and be healthy after my baby as I have definitely been an over indulging pregnant mummy the last few months. Learn to live a more balanced lifestyle, meaning taking more time out from work to be with my new little family while still focusing on my career and company.



Priscilla6Priscilla I’Anson, stylist, digital consultant and co-creator of HKHQ.tv

I want to learn how to deal with stress. I’ve never been very good at knowing how to relax, but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it this year!





christingcChristing C, founder of Fashion Hedonism and owner of Christing C Boutique

2014 will be the year I learn to become an organized adult. I usually live spontaneously, with a haphazard and unpredictable schedule. I’m not a stranger to abnormal sleeping hours, or booking month long trips just days before departure, but next year things will be getting busier. My resolution is to use my calendar, actually wake up to my alarm, plan more than a week ahead, and attempt to organise my daily schedule.




Geneva Vanderzell, founder of A Pair and a Spare

I’m going to take time to relax. I know it sounds cliché but I would love to spend more time doing yoga and putting all the pressures of this hectic city aside. Hong Kong is one place that seems to reward being endlessly on the go (something I pretty much live my life by) but in 2014 I am going to change that and find a bit more balance.




NataliebelbinNatalie Belbin, PR girl and rockstar at Tigerbombers

I feel like a resolution works better when it is used to enrich your life, rather than taking something away. I want to add something that I can do to make my year or someone else’s better like sending more postcards or winking more!




claudiawhitney2Claudia Whitney, founder of Claudia Whitney Yoga

In 2014 I will do what I love with passion and grace. I will say yes to saying no, and I will meditate, drink water and love like crazy!





MichellelaiMichelle Lai, designer and founder of MISCHA

My goal is to spend more time reading real paper books and less time on my dreaded phone!





LaurenRobertsLauren Roberts, owner of Sweet Soirees

I hope to say yes to more experiences and travel opportunities and make a bigger effort to document these new experiences with videos and pictures.





JoyceYung2Joyce Yung, professional photographer and founder of RAW

My new year’s resolution every year is similar, keep doing what I love, but do more – more efficiently with many interesting and impactful projects.





ShellyHayashi2Shelly Hayashi, owner of the General Store

My aim is to be brave… brave in design, and with colour. Brave while eating new things, in my relationships and while traveling. Brave while dancing, laughing and playing with my kids.





JasmineWebster2Jasmine Smith, founder of Dress Me

This year I’m going to stay globally connected via the old-school Newspaper (South China Morning Post to be exact!). I’m hoping to give myself a weekend break from digital news feeds and enjoy an oversized and inky paper along side a black coffee, reading up on what’s going on in the world as opposed to what’s happening on Facebook.





Lauren Mead, co-founder of Louella Odie

I plan never to leave home without a silk scarf and a smile!






paola-that-girl-111Paola Sinisterra, designer and founder of Tangram

In 2014 I want to further explore the Pearl River Delta, and discover the hidden gems of our neighbouring cities across the border in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. I also plan on studying hard so I can request my HK permanent ID fully in Cantonese in 2015.





Payal Shah, designer and founder of L’Dezen Jewellery

In the coming year I would like to focus on balancing my wellbeing, as travelling so constantly I was not able to able to eat well and exercise as much as I  normally like to! I would like to do more outdoor activities and finally start learning how to sail!




that-girl-thierry-12Thierry Chow, artist illustrator and Feng Shui expert

To work more on building up my Feng Shui company and brand. I’m hoping to expand it as much as possible in the Horse year.





emma-french-that-girl-dcgEmma French, PR and events co-ordinator at The Space and Cat Street Gallery

I want to run 10 kilometres in a faster time than my stupid ex-boyfriend because I know it would secretly really, really annoy him (and probably have some health benefits for me)!




nana-that-girl-dcgNana Chan, founder of Teakha

I can’t wait to finally have time to enjoy myself! I’d like to spend the summer of 2014 in New York and Europe for an interior design and pastry course.





that-girl-janice-10Janice Leung, co-founder of Island East Markets and owner of e-ting

I’m not one for making resolutions (they’re always forgotten by the third champagne after the countdown), but from 2014 onwards, I’m going to make it a rule to always bite off less than I aspire to chew, literally and figuratively.




that-girl-jocelyn-1Jocelyn Musters, founder of Good Luxe

2014 will be about spending more time on creative projects. Photography, design courses, and focusing on my branding and strategy work for small multinational enterprises. Starting with a new website… stay posted!





that-girl-candace-9Candace Campos, founder of ID Interiors & Identity Design

I resolve to collaborate with passionate people, arrive on time (or closer to it), be present when it’s important and love more.





that-girl-peggy-14Peggy Chan, founder of Grassroots Pantry

I want to dream more, and work less. To let go, switch off, travel often, and give unfalteringly to myself before others.





that-girl-tamsin-11Tamsin Bradshaw, editor of Home Journal

I’m not really a huge fan of new year’s resolutions, simply because I don’t think resolutions should be tied to a particular point in the year. But if I had to pick one for 2014, it would be to embark on new adventures – to visit new countries, to start new projects, and to be open to trying new things.




that-girl-awon-dcgAwon Golding, founder of Awon Golding Millinery

I’m hoping to learn Hindi. It’s my mother’s native language and I would love to be able to speak another language other than English… monolingualism is so 2013!





that-girl-cruzanne-6Cruzanne Macallister, stand-up comedian, scriptwriter, producer and presenter at RTHK Radio 3

I’m going to make every word count – whether that’s what I write, what I say or just standing by my word. I want to live 2014 with conviction.






Jing Zhang & Charlotte Hwang, co-founders of The9thMuse


Stay true, live high, and be grateful.  


Be brave, do good, and stay focused!



that-girl-gabriella-10Gabriella Zavatti creator of Zavva Shots and co-founder of The Duality

2014 will be the year I  un-plug. Running my own business, I’m on my phone at all hours – it’s a love hate relationship. I resolve to set aside time each day where the phone stays away.




that-girl-trish-yap-1Tricia Yap co-owner of BikiniFit and founder of Bejewelled Bespoke

This year I’m going to do something everyday that takes me out of my comfort zone and to never once say or think, “I can’t”.





that-girl-genavieve-7Genavieve Alexander, founder of Genavieve.Co

For new years people tend to sway to setting things to give up – each year I take something up! 2014 for G will be silly and sane! I plan on roller-skating around Happy Valley Racecourse, and donating time to local businesses to enhance their PR. Relishing in the community and playing my part to tribute to one we love makes for a rewarding and enriching 2014.




sarahfungSarah Fung, managing editor of HK Magazine

My New Year’s resolution never changes- work out three times a week, and dress smarter for work. Perhaps one year, it’ll stick!





that-girl-may-chow-dcgMay Chow, founder of Little Bao

This year I’m hoping to balance my time (now mostly at work!) with more interests, family, love, friends and health related activities. So bring on the marathons, birthday dinners, yoga, coffee dates and detox!





that-girl-vivien-3Vivien Cheng, sales and marketing director at Sassy Media Group

For someone who loves sleep, I somehow never get enough of it. 2014 shall see me tucked up and asleep by 11pm every night (well… on weeknights at least!).




Happy New Year! 


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