16 November, 2010

New Store – Charlotte Ronson Opens in Harbour City

16 November, 2010

Lately I have found myself in Harbour City for one reason or another and it has very quickly shot up the ranks as one of my favourite shopping destinations here in HK. I have found that during the week (I am thinking the weekend is a mad house) the stores are a tiny bit less chaotic and there are some stores in particular (for instance BCBG and Steve Madden) that are way bigger and carry a bit more stock then their Central counterparts.

The newest store to open in Harbour City is Charlotte Ronson and I have to admit I didn’t really know much about her look/style until I ventured onto her website the other day. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I liked so much of her collection. For some reason I had it in my mind that her aesthetic was way different then mine but what I found are a combination of beautiful clothes that have a touch of what I am drawn to while at the same time mixed with certain things which would be a fresh and new look for me.

I will be finding myself in Harbour City again on Friday so my plan is to take a mini shopping break to check out  the new store. These are the items I will most likely be bringing into the dressing room with me.

While I don’t think I can pull this look off I am certainly going to try it. I will kind of be over the moon if it works for me as I think it is very cute.

Love this shirt! I personally would pair it with skinny jeans as I can’t do the baggy look all over…

I have had an affinity for navy blue lately and I think this is the perfect transitional dress that can be worn in winter and fall with tights like below and spring and summer with a good heel or sandal.

This is on the very top of my Holiday Party wish list. Someone please throw a fancy holiday party so I can wear this. Seems like all the holiday parties I am going to this year are ugly sweater parties!

I would without a doubt classify myself as a solid girl when it comes to dressing but lately I have been finding myself admiring patterns from afar. At this point, none have sneaked into my closet but I am warming up to the idea of giving them a try so this shirt will be coming into the dressing room with me. Whether it actually leaves the store and comes to live with me is a completely different story.

Charlotte Ronson, Harbour City, Ocean Terminal, 310A

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