16 April, 2012
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See in spring with Nespresso’s new Naora coffee

16 April, 2012

If packing up your winter woolies wasn’t enough to get you buzzing about the change of seasons, Nespresso has come to the party with a new limited edition coffee, Naora.

As a long-time latte lover (check out my article about HK’s best coffees here) and future Nespresso machine owner (yes… I’m finally going to take the plunge – no coffee pun intended), I was thrilled to recently have a taste test of the cult brand’s latest one-off grand cru.

Naora is a unique blend that contains subtle hints of blackcurrant and blueberry. Formulated with the same approach as a fine wine, it’s a medium bodied coffee with a slight bitterness, juicy acidity and an intensity ranking of 5 on Nespresso’s scale of 1 – 10. I was told Naora gets its unique flavour as a result of the coffee cherries being left to mature until the last possible minute before being picked. The combination of high quality pure Arabica beans sourced from special regions of Colombia known for their mild, sweet properties also contributes to the one-of-a-kind taste.

Sealed in a pretty purple-pink capsule, Naora is best served as an espresso (40ml) but can also be enjoyed as a milk recipe. I generally find I prefer to sip coffee in the morning, but with its light, sweet flavour and mid-range intensity, Naora is the kind of java I could see myself enjoying at any time of the day – no matter how hot or humid the weather might be.

If you’re keen to experience a Naora-powered caffeine hit, you’ll need to get a move on; Nespresso’s limited edition ranges (of which there are three each year) are generally available for one month before they sell out (that gives you until the end of April).

A sleeve of Naora (10 capsules) is $63; a set of two limited-edition Naora espresso cups and saucers is also available for $390

Nespresso Boutique Ifc Mall, Harbour View Street, Hong Kong
852800968821 www.nespresso.com/#/cn/cn

Nespresso Boutique Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Hong Kong
8009 6882 www.nespresso.com/hk/hk


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