17 December, 2015
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My House – A Wine Bar in Wan Chai With Vinyl Only DJ Sets

17 December, 2015

Good food, music and wine – what more could you want?


Where are we heading tonight girls? Your house? My House? I mean, the name alone provides endless entertainment. I’ve been hearing great things about this Wan Chai hangout since it opened in October, and so leapt at the chance to test drive their menu (and cocktails, obviously).



My House is a surprisingly spacious venue right in the thick of Hong Kong’s glittering sky scrapers. The underlying theme is getting back to basics – hence the vinyl library, natural wine selection and recycled glass bottle lampshades. You feel effortlessly cool just being there, which I welcomed after falling off the pavement en route.

MyHouse - 26F


Cocktails are always the order of the day in my world, so that’s how we kicked the evening off. The Blue Stone was a delicious vodka concoction with a hum of vanilla and a nicely soaked grape to round off the whole experience. Our second choice, the 26/F, was decidedly less punchy, instead opting for refreshing with its pineapple and grapefruit flavours. Still lovely and well worth $110, but I’m a punchy kind of cocktail girl so Blue Stone remained the firm favourite.
MyHouse - Passion fruit meringue pie


The culinary offerings at My House were simply divine from start to finish. To start we were treated to grilled scormoza cheese wrapped in salty Parma ham – a simple pairing with mouth-watering results. The poached pear and provolone (aka. rocket) salad was the refreshing accompaniment these rich flavours needed. Perfection on a plate if you ask me.

If the starters were anything to go by then we had to be prepared for some seriously delicious main courses. And boy did they deliver. The porcini rubbed short-ribs were so tender they practically melted in my mouth. I was actually speechless which – for anyone who knows me – is a rarity. Checking in at $458, the ribs aren’t the cheapest option on the menu, but it’s a sharing style portion so if you’re dining out with a few friends it’s definitely one to consider. Like, really seriously. The veal cannelloni was creamy and comforting, as pasta should be, but the ribs definitely stole the spotlight for me.

At this point I thought I was full enough to last a week, but then dessert arrived and I swiftly U-turned on that thought. The passion fruit meringue pie, with its contrasting light and sharp flavours, is enough to send anyone weak at the knees. Finally, the melt in the middle chocolate pudding was just as delectable as it should be.



My House has hit the perfect balance between sophisticated and relaxed. You can nip in for a coffee, browse the vinyl library and kick back to your favourite tunes or ditch the headphones, grab a cocktail and let their DJ’s do the work for you. Going back to my real house afterwards was a disappointment – let’s leave it at that ladies.

My House, 26/F, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, www.myhousehk.com

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