23 July, 2014
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Sassy girls try out Motorino on Ship Street, Wan Chai!

23 July, 2014
We’ve already been to Motorino’s first Hong Kong branch in Soho, but to welcome back one of our Sassy girls from Singapore, we decided to head over again for some scrumptious New York dishes at their new resto on Ship Street, Wan Chai.


Unlike the Soho branch, this one is a little more spacious but still remains cosy and relaxed. A highlight is being able to see the custom-made Stefano Ferrara brick oven baking delicious, hot pizzas just a few metres away from your table!


Motorino is the place to come to if you’re looking for an energetic, vibrant atmosphere… yes, that means it is a little noisy, but that could also be down to the fact that their were ten Sassy girls chatting over food and wine! Our night started with a flavourful glass of sparkling red wine from Naples, Gragnano Cantine Federiciane 2011, under the title: Motorino’s “Perfect Pizza Wine”. It was slightly sweet and fizzy on the tongue and the perfect accompaniment for their classic Italian food.


Motorino is obviously known for its signature Neapolitan pizza’s crispy dough, but they also have incredible antipasti. First on our table was the classic Prosciutto di Parma with fior di latte, pecorino, olive oil, and oregano. The thin slices of fresh prosciutto went really well with the buffalo mozzarella – the flavour of prosciutto wasn’t too strong to override the delicate flavour of mozzarella. The buffalo mozzarella was diving, plump, soft and cut thickly.

You can also order just the Pizza Bread (one word – yum) to go with your Prosciutto.

DSC06119I’m not a big fan of beetroot, but the Marinated Beet Salad with ricotta salata, olives, mint, and anchovy actually turned me into a fan! I figure it’s because of how well anchovy and olives went with the small cubes of beetroot. It was a simple salad, but it was different to anything we’d had before and packed with flavour.


For a slightly heavier appetiser, Motorino has Meatballs braised in tomato. Although this might come across as quite ordinary, the tomato sauce is definitely above average and the size of the meatballs (a bit smaller than your fist) is very generous. A delightful comfort food that’s sure to fill you up!

10366022_686198691447200_7679234326289675458_n The best dish of the night caught everyone by surprise, as it was the Roasted Corn on the Cob. The sweetness and the saltiness were just right, with the delicious cheesey flavour spread evenly around the corn. This is a must-try!

DSC06134Another light and healthy option is the Roasted Vegetables, which really bring out all of the flavours of the veggies. The portion size isn’t huge, but balanced out with other meatier dishes it’s the ideal accompaniment.


So now you know that Motorino is not just about the pizza! Their antipasti is amazing as a light, summer lunch or dinner, and can definitely fill you up on its own. All of us Sassy ladies were so full and satisfied that we didn’t even have any room for desserts (and that’s saying something!). Despite the relatively small space and the buzzing noise levels, Motorino on Ship Street still has chilled out vibes and delicious food that will keep us going back for more. 

Motorino, 15 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2520 0690, www.motorinopizza.com nataly intern sig

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