7 February, 2011

Michael Angel Arrives in Joyce

7 February, 2011

There is no denying that Rome is incredibly inspiring. It is what you do with the inspiration that sets you apart from the rest. For Australian born designer Michael Angel, Rome was one of the catalysts behind his Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The other two components were heartbreak/lost love (poor Michael – we hope he has since found love!) and a return to minimalism.

The designer who currently resides in NYC is known for his use of graphics and prints and has been called “one to watch” by Vogue. While he is well into the process of making a name for himself in the United States his presence in Asia has been extremely minimal but that is all about to change as his Spring/Summer 2011 collection is due to arrive in Joyce (Pacific Place location only). His latest collection has been described as a “fresh take on quiet sexiness, a mixture of modern lines, soft strength and purity all with the underlying tones of naughtiness”.

We met with Michael Angel’s sales team (aka the adorable Carol) late last year for a coffee at Zelo and begged her to take the below questions home to Michael. The last question was a selfish one on my part as I seriously need to introduce more prints into my life. Figure I would take any opportunity I can get at asking a fashion pro for style advice!

Michael Angel

What inspires you most when creating your collection?
My inspiration comes from within. It could be a thought, a dream or a single moment in my day that can spark an entire vision for my collection.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
Look 23, a white Sleeveless Collared Shirt layered underneath a Hooded Wrap Dress in Crème Double Silk Georgette and Printed Stretch Cotton Sateen, would have to be my favourite look from my Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. It embodies everything I am as a designer. It is minimal, strong, and print-driven.

This was also a favourite of the JOYCE team too when they saw my Collection.

What type of girl wears a Michel Angel piece?
A creative woman that is not afraid to have her own idea of style.

From your perspective, what is the main difference between fashion/style in New York vs. Hong Kong?
Hong Kong customers are extremely sophisticated, eager and discerning. They are very modern, international and fashion-forward, but I feel there are still traditional characterisations that hold culturally, which makes their style very unique and interesting. On a recent trip to Hong Kong we were taken back by all the artful combinations we saw on the streets – dressing well is obviously a part of the culture. New York fashion tends to be more sportswear driven, a little lady-like and neutral in colour. In Hong Kong I see a lot of openness to experimentation, heavy influence from Japanese and English fashion and a lot of layering of different shapes, textures, prints, patterns and colours.

Since prints are such a big part of what you design what is your advice on the easiest way to introduce them into a wardrobe that is primarily made up of solids and black.
Layering print with your solid colours is a great way to wear my prints. As you can see with my Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, I like to mix up my prints with solid pieces. It could even be as easy as wearing one of my printed Collared Shirts underneath a solid sweater to add that subtle punch of print to your outfit, or teaming a silk top with one of my leather and printed skirts.

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