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Metamorphosis Coaching with Perri Blake Gorman

Are you looking to make some changes in your life? If so, then you must learn more about Perri Blake Gorman, the creator of metamorphosis coaching.

Getting to know Perri:

Perri started coaching after working as an Executive Recruiter in the Global Financial Services industry. It was one of the most powerful and liberating experiences of her life, but not without deep reflection, realization and assessment of her life, her values and even her identity. Taking on the work as a life coach to share this ability to transform and find ones’ “right life” is extremely meaningful to Perri. To read more about Perri’s bio, click here.

Call to set up a Free Consultation:

I met with Perri for a consultation to learn a little bit more about her coaching and it was such a great experience. Not only does Perri make you feel as comfortable as if you are talking to your girlfriend she really helps you identify the root causes of the things you want to change in your life. She provides you with homework assignments and questions that will help you begin your road to a better you!

“Declutter your Life” Seminar on May 24th:
The declutter process is one that Perri feels very strongly about in that she believes that by decluttering your present environment and life you can let go of things, habits and people that are not serving you and your goal. Perri will be holding a special Women’s “Declutter your Life” event on Sunday, May 24th from 3-6PM at La Bodega in LFK. The price for this event is $500. In this intimate gathering Perri will walk you through the “3 Pillars of Decluttering: Physical Space, Energetic and People”. The seminar will include discussion, personal journaling and reflection. If you are interested in attending this event please contact Perri at [email protected] or 6506-8881 or visit her website for more details.

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