London Calling

When I came across these Tim Walker images on Moodboard (from 1998 which I guess is why they’re not as dramatic as his more recent work), I was surprised to feel such a big wallop of homesickness as I rarely feel anything other than hugely lucky and grateful to live in Hong Kong. I think he has somehow captured so much the mood of London, and maybe the grey light in HK today is reminding me of home! 

I used to have such mixed feelings about London. I’m actually from Bristol in the west of England, but lived in London for about a year and a half soon after graduating. It’s not the easiest city to live in – so expensive, and its size and terrible public transport means that it can be a lengthy process to see your friends if they don’t live in the same area as you. There is though something so cosy about it, especially in the Autumn when it starts to get dark early in the evening, and you know you’re heading back to your tiny flat where it will be all warm and inviting. I also love how in London if you meet someone you know in the street, you are so happy and surprised because it happens so rarely. You almost feel like declaring a public holiday, and then drag the person off to the pub to celebrate! Here in Hong Kong we’re likely to bump into acquaintances so often, one can begin to resent the need to always look semi-presentable (although often I let this slip!). 

I always think the best cure for homesickness here is dim sum – pure comfort food straight to the heart! How do you deal with homesickness when it happens?

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