21 March, 2016

Online Shopping: Our fave sites that *don’t* ship to Hong Kong… or do they?

21 March, 2016

We’ve all been there: online shopping up a storm, delighting in all the great deals we’re scoring, when suddenly the price doubles thanks to international shipping. Here’s how to avoid that sinking feeling, girls…


As much as we love shopping in Hong Kong, we can’t help but miss some of our favourite stores and brands back home — particularly when they taunt us with super cheap prices online! Or even more maddening, they’re available at a tantalisingly low price allegedly available for Hong Kong, but then at checkout shipping fees seem to double!

What’s a shopaholic to do? Hit up PacMe, of course! PacMe is more than just a package forwarder. PacMe is a true a shipping consolidator that repacks to save you shipping fees, so you can do more shopping! Speaking of shopping, did you know that the more you shop, the more you save on shipping fees? PacMe says to load up on the merchandise because at 10kgs, the $/kg savings really kick in and go lower with every kg! Need some inspiration to get you started? Here’s our team’s fave online shopping destinations that either don’t ship to the 852, or do so at an offensive rate. In other words, PacMe to the rescue! Signup is free with code SASSYHK at pacme.com.

SHK-Headshots-MauraI have drooled over the rugs on Lulu & Georgia for pretty much a year now and have come close to shedding a tear or two knowing that they don’t ship to Hong Kong. I am in major need of a rug renovation at my flat so knowing PacMe can swoop down and save my ‘rug lust’ woes has me feeling like my home décor game can be so much stronger. Gone are the days of complaining about not being able to get this fab throw pillow or that awesome duvet cover. With PacMe and their amazing customer service helping me to figure out what rugs make sense to ship over to Hong Kong, my tears are being saved for more important things in life, not just home decor drama!

SHK-Headshots-ShaneliWhen I travel to the US, I end up going more than a bit nuts at Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret buying underwear. Yeah, you heard that right, underwear. It’s reasonably-priced compared to HK (add to that the frequent sales at Macy’s), the selection and variety is better. I’d totally use PacMe so I can load up my virtual shopping cart while they make sure my items are repacked and consolidated and to help refresh my lingerie drawer if I have no plans to travel to the States soon!


SHK-Headshots-SurmayeeI am a total makeup fiend, and when ColourPop launched in the US and the buzz reached me here in Hong Kong, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Sadly, ColourPop’s FAQ page destroyed my dreams by telling me they don’t ship to HK and I wouldn’t be able to use their crazy long-lasting Lippie Stix and the unbelievably pigmented blushes at all times. PacMe would definitely be able to make my dreams come true by consolidating all my makeup desires (along with my clothing desires) because they recommend that I ship more to save more. Sign me right up, please!


SHK-Headshots-JessWith summer approaching and junk season right around the corner, it’s time to start the daunting task of shopping for bathing suits. I’m obsessed with the selection at Victoria’s Secret as they fit great and they have so many variety. However, the shipping prices from the US are crazy and can cost more than the suit itself! I also love the Aerie line from American Eagle but sadly, they don’t carry these products in the Hong Kong stores. Aerie has great bathing suits as well, and the best bralettes! They’re super soft and look amazing under t-shirts or tanks. With PacMe, I can order my bathing suits and bralettes in bulk!


Brought to you in partnership with PacMe.

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