Lindsay's first collection for Ungaro gets slammed…

In a move that was widely viewed as cynically publicity-seeking, Lindsay Lohan was hired as the “Artistic Advisor” for Emanuel Ungaro by CEO Mounir Moufarrige (also responsible for hiring Stella McCartney for Chloe, which worked out well!). Her first show, in partnership with new designer Estrella Archs, was held over the weekend, and the fashion press have the knives out. Apart from accusations that the construction quality was visibly bad (a charge more usually leveled at Project Runway contestants than a prestigious Avenue Montaigne brand), the show featured garish colour combinations, gynecological hem lengths and tasteless glittery nipple pasties, some of which were bizarrely stuck on the foreheads of the models.

To be fair, there were some cute pieces among the train wreck – I’ve just chosen to only show pics of the ones that I disliked the most above. You can view the whole collection on and judge for yourselves! Is the criticism deserved? Or is Lohan just an easy target?
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