17 July, 2019
lifestyle sex toys experiment bedroom
lifestyle sex toys experiment bedroom

6 Sex Toys To Help You Experiment In The Bedroom

17 July, 2019
lifestyle sex toys experiment bedroom

A pleasure seeker’s guide to some enticing sex toys!

What happens in the bedroom is of course a private affair, but if you’re thinking about purchasing a sex toy (or want to add to your existing collection) it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve come up with this list, so whether you’re after a discreet wearable vibrator or a crystal Yoni Egg with healing properties, we’re sure there’s something to spark your imagination.

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lifestyle sex toys etherea silk cuffs

Etherea Silk Cuffs

We’ll start relatively tame to spare you your blushes, with a pair of Etherea silk cuffs from luxury sex toy brand LELO (of course any toy designed to restrict or control movement should be used with the mutual consent of both parties). These cuffs are made with 100% pure silk and sheepskin suede, so you can ensure they’ll feel soft against your skin. The long ribbons mean they can be tied onto wrists, ankles or even your surroundings (your imagination is the only limit). You can choose from black, red or purple and they even come with a ten-year pleasure guarantee!

Etherea Silk Cuffs, available online for around $460

lifestyle sex toys dame pom vibrator

Pom Vibrator

This little product from Dame sits in the palm of your hand and turns it into a vibrator. Although it’s small, don’t let its size fool you, it has a powerful motor. It’s made of flexible medical grade silicone so you can bend and move it into your desired position, it also has five preset speeds to help mix it up (or you can choose to control the intensity yourself). It’s designed to be used alone or with a partner, giving you plenty of options. It’s also waterproof and is USB rechargeable.

Pom Vibrator, available online for $799

lifestyle sex toys moxie vibrator

Moxie Vibrator

The Moxie from We-Vibe is a discreet, hands-free clitoral vibrator that can be worn inside your underwear (whether you’re lying, sitting, standing or even walking!). There’s a slip-proof magnetic clip to hold it firmly in place, so you needn’t worry about it moving around if you do take it on the go. You can control its intensity using the remote control or via the We-Connect app (or if you’re daring, let your partner control it for you regardless or not of whether you’re in the same room). With ten different vibration modes (including ultra, tease and tempo) you won’t get bored!

Moxie Vibrator, available online for $1,010

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lifestyle sex toys womanizer pro vibrator

Womanizer Pro Vibrator

Womanizer vibrators have established a loyal following and become best-sellers worldwide. That’s in no small part due to their patented Pleasure Air Technology, which combines both suction and massage techniques to stimulate the clitoris without any direct contact, to bring you a totally new orgasmic experience. Its signature Pro product comes in various colours and prints to suit your taste and has 12 different intensity levels from super soft to super power. Its totally waterproof design means it can even be used in the bath!

Womanizer Pro Vibrator, available online from $1,542.28

lifestyle sex toys heart chakrub

The Heart Chakrub

We’ve all heard about the healing power of crystals, so why not combine that healing power with sexual pleasure? This chrakrub is sculpted from pure rose quartz (the crystal of unconditional love), which is said to speak directly to the heart chakra. The idea is the energy from the crystal combines with your own sexual energy to help you feel more fulfilled and content. The chakrub is 100% natural and has a smooth surface. It’s easy to clean and there’s no batteries to charge here!

The Heart Chakrub, available online for $1,280

lifestyle sex toys yoni egg

Yoni Egg

Yoni is a Sanskrit word, referring to the vagina, which translates as “sacred space” or “sacred temple.” So Yoni Eggs (which can also be called Love Eggs) are egg shaped crystals with healing properties, that are used for pelvic floor exercises. Used regularly they can help increase muscle strength, heighten sexual pleasure, lead to more intense orgasms and even increase your libido! The eggs come in a choice of different crystals: Rose Quartz (which encourages unconditional love and is seen as a powerful aphrodisiac), Clear Quartz (which can balance energy and banish negativity) or Opalite (which is also balancing).

Yoni Egg, available online from around $225

Featured image courtesy of Dame via Instagram, image 1 courtesy of LELO, image 2 courtesy of Dame via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of We-Vibe via Instagram, courtesy 4 of Womanizer, image 5 courtesy of Chakrubs via Instagram, image 6 courtesy of Nathalie Sommer.

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