5 Top Tips To Help You Navigate Art Month

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1. Go On Gallery Visits

On Monday, 25 March, it’s the bi-annual Art Gallery Night event. You’ll be able to hop from one gallery to the next to see what’s on display. A total 0f 30 galleries are participating, with opening hours extended until 8pm. Special tours will also be on offer. It’s a great chance to explore and get to understand the different galleries and exhibitions, all while enjoying a glass of champagne or two!

Don’t forget to check out the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association website for a detailed art calendar highlighting all the ongoing exhibition openings in the city.

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2. Head To Art Fairs

Art Central and Art Basel are two of the biggest events happening during Art Month. Anytime from Wednesday, 27 March until Sunday, 31 March, take a walk by the Harbour and head over to Art Central. It’s dedicated to showcasing future talents, alongside some of the most recognised international galleries from all over the world. It’s open until 9pm on both the Thursday and Friday, making it easy to fit in a visit after office hours.

If you plan on doing both events in the same day, take the free shuttle bus from the Harbourfront event space and head to the Convention Centre to spend a couple of hours exploring the different floors of Art Basel (which runs from Friday, 29 March until Sunday, 31 March). The fair presents a mélange of curated modern and contemporary art galleries, giving you a great overview of what’s happening in the art world this year. Make sure you avoid the long lines by pre-purchasing tickets, which will be sent to you via courier.

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3. Experience An Auction House

If you love the chase and know your art, auction houses are an excellent opportunity to make a good purchase. Get your cheque books ready on Sunday, 31 March for the Modern Art evening sale at Sotheby’s.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that you will get your pick at your desired price. So know your limit and be prepared to walk away. It’s sometimes hard to resist the urge to bid when the adrenaline takes control, but if you can stand your ground, there are bargains to be had at every auction!

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4. Watch Street Art In Action

From Saturday, 23 March to Sunday, 31 March the sixth edition of the annual street art festival, HKWALLS will give everyone the opportunity to watch the city be repainted. Both local and internationally celebrated street artists will be turning Wan Chai’s walls into their own personal canvases. Adults and children alike will be amazed by the speed and creativity of these emerging modern talents!

Make sure you check out the website closer to the event to download the digital map, so that you can locate your favourite street artists or simply to plan your route in advance.

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5. Keep Up With Those Instagram Hashtags

With Instagram providing the ultimate platform to accessible art, galleries are already establishing their digital presence in the online art world, with an endless supply of diverse artworks waiting to be discovered.

Hashtags are an amazing tool to help you keep up to date with the latest happenings. So to get you started, make sure you check out the following: #artweekhk, #artbaselhk, #artcentral2019, #artinHK, #contemporaryart, #abstractart, #artsy.


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