10 Foreign Language TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch Now

1 / 10


Language: Spanish
Genre: Teen Drama

Elite is what would happen if Gossip Girl and Riverdale had a baby. The series opens with a murder at a fancy private school and we spend the season with working-class misfit Samuel and his peers figuring out just what happened on that fateful night. It’s so addictive, we binged it in one weekend. You’ll also see some familiar (very attractive) faces from one of our other Spanish favourites, Money Heist, just in case you need any extra incentive to watch.

2 / 10

The Hook Up Plan

Language: French
Genre: Comedy

What would you do if your two well-intentioned best friends recruited an escort to morph into the love of your life? The Hook Up Plan tells the story of Elsa as she tries to move on from a devastating breakup, amidst a whole load of shenanigans. If you’re missing that rom-com vibe in your life, this show is for you.

3 / 10

Cable Girls

Language: Spanish
Genre: Period Drama

Cable Girls is all about four women who work as operators at a Spanish telephone company in the late 1920s. We were genuinely surprised at the level of sex, danger and intrigue woven into this story, which kept us glued to our screens much, much longer than is healthy. It’s incredibly soapy, and incredibly bingeable (just like all the best TV shows)!

4 / 10

Terrace House

Language: Japanese
Genre: Reality

You’ve probably already heard of the phenomenon that is Terrace House by now, but if you haven’t given it a shot, take our advice and do so immediately! We thought that watching six strangers getting to know (and sometimes date) each other would be mundane, but Terrace House is anything but. In fact, you’ll get so involved in these people’s lives that you’ll never want to stop watching.

5 / 10

Hong Kong West Side Stories

Language: Cantonese
Genre: Drama

We’re seeing more and more shows like Hong Kong West Side Stories – an exploration of the connections between young men and women in Hong Kong linked “loosely by stories about love, lust, separation and deceit”. It’s always fun to see the city you live in represented on TV or in movies, so even if you’re not keen on the premise, give it a watch to see the real superstars, streets and scenes of our home.

6 / 10


Language: Korean
Genre: Period Thriller

Set in medieval Korea, Kingdom kicks off with a dead king rising, throwing everyone at court’s lives into turmoil. Part political thriller, part zombie monster slasher fiction, Kingdom can get violent and gory at times, but still retains clever and well thought out plot and character development. We’re not huge fans of zombie tales, but even we got our teeth stuck into this one (pun intended).

7 / 10


Language: Portuguese
Genre: Dystopian

We love a good YA dystopian show, and 3% does not disappoint! It tells the tale of plucky (and of course, attractive) teenagers trying to survive in a world in which the top 3% have a shot at a better life. But that’s only if they survive various trials and tribulations. This show is going to scratch your ‘The Hunger Games” or ‘The 100” itch.


8 / 10


Language: German
Genre: Mystery Thriller

Dark is being constantly compared to Stranger Things, though we think it’s more along the lines of Twin Peaks. The series is quite literally shrouded in darkness – think Battle of Winterfell level dark – and the vibe is just as sombre. The storyline is incredibly complex, beginning with teenage boys disappearing from the town, but the mystery is well worth the effort of wading through the tangled plot web.


9 / 10

Sacred Games

Language: Hindi
Genre: Drama

Sacred Games caused a great buzz when it premiered, and with good reason. The first Netflix original from India, this gritty crime drama pulls no punches about the dark and seedy landscape of Mumbai’s underworld. Viewer discretion is advised, as scenes can get gory and graphic right from the get-go.

10 / 10

The Rain

Language: Danish
Genre: Post Apocalypse

The premise of The Rain may not be groundbreaking – a deadly virus wipes out a large portion of the human population and we follow the few survivors on their journey – but it is satisfying nonetheless. You’ll get quickly wrapped up in the doom and gloom of the series, which hands out bits and pieces of information at a time, making sure you kind of know what’s going on without ever seeing the whole picture. Another one to avoid watching alone, we think.

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