8 June, 2023
LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Kary Kwok, Artist Photographer Art Director, Pride Month
LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Kary Kwok, Artist Photographer Art Director, Pride Month

5 LGBTQ+ Hong Kong Visual Artists To Follow Now

8 June, 2023
LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Kary Kwok, Artist Photographer Art Director, Pride Month

From photography to illustration and video art, we’ve rounded up five LGBTQ+ Hong Kong visual artists to follow this Pride Month.

Queer art includes a wide spectrum of styles and mediums that reflect the diversity of experiences in the LGBTQ+ community. With a rich history dating back to the late 1970s, queer art in Hong Kong has challenged norms of gender, sexuality, identity, and so much more. From photographers to video artists and illustrators, these local artists and creatives are ones to watch this Pride Month.

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LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Kary Kwok, Artist Photographer Art Director, Pride Month

Kary Kwok

Photographer and art director Kary Kwok documented self-portraits and captured queer nightlife across Hong Kong and London in the 1980s and 1990s. Released for the first time since the 1990s, his photographs from Then/Now memorialise the vibrant, gender fluid representations of the time. Now he is moving the needle through his latest project, TA, a collaborative publication focusing on contemporary LGBTQIA+ and non-binary issues.

Kary Kwok, Instagram: @karyphoto


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Kaitlin Chan

Kaitlin Chan is a cartoonist and artist-curator making waves in the world of independent publishing through making zines and serialising her first graphic novel “Eric’s Sister”. While traversing multiple identities and communities, she connects people through sharing relatable moments of daily life with humour and honesty.

Kaitlin Chan, Instagram: @kaitlinmchan, www.kaitlinchan.com

LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Yau Ching, Scholar, Poet, Video Artist, Pride Month

Yau Ching

You can find the moving image work of scholar, poet, and video artist Yau Ching in M+ Hong Kong or Tate Library in London. One of the earliest members of Videotage, a Hong Kong-based new media organisation, she went on to create four feature films and ten experimental moving image works. “Ho Yuk” (aka “Let’s Love Hong Kong”) is one film to watch, in which nostalgic scenes of the Star Ferry and love hotels in Yau Ma Tei contrast broader forces of personal/public space and class. It’s also an exploration of themes central to Yau Ching’s work: gender & sexuality, difference & belonging, and history.

Yau Ching, www.yauching.com

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LGBT Hong Kong Visual Artist Wong Ka Ying, Artist Curator, Writer, Pride Month

Wong Ka Ying

Featured in Tai Kwun Contemporary’s 2022/2023 group exhibition “Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III”, artist-curator and writer Wong Ka Ying critically reflects on contemporary social and gender issues. She uses a wide range of mediums, including painting, collage, performance, and more. Her latest works “Keep Calm” and “Crazy Woman 瘋女人”, are kaleidoscopically colourful and invites her audience to reimagine themselves and their futures.

Wong Ka Ying, www.wongkaying.com 

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Oscar Chan Yik Long

Cinephiles will lose themselves in this artist’s paintings. Hong Kong-born artist Oscar Chan Yik Long brushes Chinese ink on canvas, creating captivating monochromatic paintings that express intimacy, personal memories and reflections seen also at “Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III”. In his recent series “Love+: Awakening” and “Random Diaries”, Chan poetically blends real and imagined scenes from movies by legendary Hong Kong directors Wong Kar-Wai and Stanley Kwan.

Oscar Chan Yik Long, Instagram: @oscarchanyiklong, www.oscarchan.com

Main image courtesy of Kary Kwok, image 1 courtesy of Kary Kwok, image 2 courtesy of @kaitlinmchan via Instagram, image 3 courtesy of Yau Ching, image 4 courtesy of Ka-Man Tse, image 5 courtesy of Wong Ka Ying, image 6 courtesy of @oscarchanyiklong via Instagram, image courtesy of @smalltunepress via Instagram.

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