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Let’s Shake Our Way Into Saturday Night

Shimmy your way into Saturday night (25th July) with a Sassy Belly Dance Class!

What: An evening of hip shaking, girly fun, and plenty of laughs
When: Saturday, 25th July 5:30PM-7:30PM
Where: Oasis Dance Studio, 1 Anton Street, Wanchai
Cost: $220 per person (includes dance class, wine, canapes, and hip wrap)
RSVP: Space is limited, so visit at Belly Dance Tickets to reserve your space and purchase your ticket via PayPal.
Dress: Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely like yoga pants or leggings.

At Sassy our Saturday nights are starting to get a little too routine.  The normal dinner in Soho, drinks in LKF, and a junk trip thrown in every few weekends has left us wanting something more to spice things up.  So Sassy has decided to go Belly Dancing!  Join us for a Saturday night Belly Dance class where we will learn to shimmy and shake it like Shakira (or try to anyway)!

The evening will start in the normal Sassy fashion with wine and canapes to help get us all in the belly dancing mood!  Mey Jen, the owner of the Oasis Dance Centre, will then guide us through an hour long class where we will dance our way through all the basics of belly dancing.  The evening will conclude with some more wine and canapes before heading off to our Saturday night plans!

We can’t forget to mention that Belly Dancing is not only fun, but also a great way to exercise.

Remember to RSVP soon as space is limited!

Special Thanks:

Assaf Lebanese Cuisine
Oasis Dance Centre

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