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Last night's S.O.S Party

Last night’s S.O.S (Save Our Style) party at the Mandarin Oriental Spa was a lot of fun, and educational too. I know I’m currently sporting one of the hairstyles that the very talented Andrea demonstrated, though I think it will be a case of practice makes perfect when it comes to getting it right!

The evening began with some chatting over a glass or two of wine and some delicious nibbles as we were all welcomed by the Mandarin team. The salon was beautifully decorated with banqueting chairs, each with a goodie bag placed on top. We began with a demonstration and talk by Angel, the head make-up artist who used to work for E channel back in the US. He took us through what we should have in our make-up bags, with a special focus on beating the Hong Kong humidity – Nicky was brave enough to volunteer to have her bag rooted through, and emerged with her dignity intact…

We then heard from Andrea, head stylist at the salon, who showed us how to put our hair up in a french roll using just three pins, and inspired us to generally raise our hair game by always covering our hair elastics by wrapping our hair around them, and using fun accessories. Andrea also demonstrated how to use GHD styling irons to curl as well as straighten hair – which I had always wondered how to do. Andrea and Angel were kind enough to stay around after the event to answer all the eager questions and give lots of useful advice.

Thank you so much to everyone who came, and also of course to Lynsey, Angel, Andrea, Fatima and all the rest of the lovely staff who made this evening very special for us. We would love to hear your feedback on this event!

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