Last Night Never Happened

The whole city goes nuts for Sevens weekend, and it’s all too easy to wake up in the morning and along with a pounding headache, feeling that queasy feeling that means you did something you’re going to regret! Now if only you could remember what it was! Did you drunk dial? Did you post on the walls of several “friends”? Did you Tweet repeatedly about your various exploits or even DM your boss to tell them exactly what you think of them?

Well, thankfully, with the launch of the “Last Night Never Happened” app for your iPhone and iPad, you can delete all your embarrassing misbehaviour in one easy step. Compromising photos, videos and messages can all be swept away and it will be as if you spent a peaceful night on the sofa instead (well, except for all those people who saw you rolling around on a Wanchai pavement or dancing on a table in LKF!).

Just visit the App store to take advantage of the current 60% off discount on the app (it’s usually 4.99USD but reduced to 1.99USD) and then set the clock to take you back to before you tucked into your first pint of Pimms when entering the South Stand. You can even replace all the posts with a customized message, like “having a night in with my cat and a takeout”…

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