5 July, 2010

Lane Crawford’s Autumn/Winter Shoe Collection

5 July, 2010

Though we’re now in the heat of summer, and enjoying all the loveliness and rarity of clear blue skies in Hong Kong, we can’t help looking ahead to the treats that Autumn/Winter fashion has in store. Essentially, you’re either a winter girl or a summer girl in style terms, and for those winter girls out there, we know that taking a peek at Lane Crawford‘s upcoming shoe collection is going to be a little like showing you a big old chocolate fudge cake and then telling you you’ve got to eat up all the broccoli on your plate before you can have any. Still, all good things come to those who wait!

We’ve picked out some of our favourite pieces, and we can’t wait to dive right in…. Looks like statement shoes won’t be going away for the coming season, but as well as towering heels, we’re also seeing some stand-out flat boots, like these from Tory Burch for HK$4,400 (which we’re hoping are fake fur!)…

Next up are these Sam Edelman Platform Wedges at HK$2,700 which I can imagine would look amazing with an all-black outfit and opaques…

And rounding off the flat boot selection is the latest Ugg look for HK$2,199. Doesn’t that fluffy shearling ruff remind you of Father Christmas’ beard and make you want to stomp across snowy fields?

If you’re more of a killer heel girl, then these amazing Alaia feathered stilettos are going to grab at your heart and your wallet as they’re a decidedly budget-busting HK$12,600. Still, who needs to eat/pay rent when you have shoes like this, right?

And coming in to demonstrate the upcoming trend for what Lane Crawford is calling, “The New Leopard” are these fab Christian Louboutin shoe boots (price TBD) which are just too beautiful for words.

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle though, you might want to pick up a pair of Alexander McQueen‘s tweed-inspired open toe boots, complete with little skull zipper. It will be interesting to see in what direction Alexander McQueen’s label goes in following McQueen’s death – as much as I love the skull motif, I would hate for it to just be slapped on everything willy-nilly…

The trend for brogues shows no sign of slowing up, and for A/W 2010 it seems that many designers are doing embellished versions like these sparkly little numbers from Marc Jacobs at HK$6490. Unfortunately as I have yet to see any evidence that curvy girls can pull off brogues, I’ll be waiting for the high-heeled version of these!

Of course, while you’re waiting to be able to get your hands on all these gems (and saving up!), you can still satisfy your fashion craving by heading down to the Lane Crawford end-of-season sale which began on Friday where you can find discounts of up to 30% off. Happy shopping!

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