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Keep Warm in Hong Kong

Brrrrrr…. it’s freezing in the city at the moment! Lack of any kind of central heating and buildings designed more for keeping cool than warm combine to make any sudden plunges in the mercury feel extra-dramatic. To keep our minds off our chilly fingers and numb toes, we present the Sassy Guide to keeping warm in a cold spell:


1. Dress warm, but stay fabulous – Huge knits, jeans tucked into riding boots and faux furs are in, scuzzy tracksuit tops and ropey old socks with holes in them are out. Pull out all your winter clothes and go through them ruthlessly to weed out the things that haven’t survived the year in humid storage… There’s a smell of mothballs on the streets right now and that’s sooo not what you want – wash and dry clean those sweaters and jackets to make sure you are only wafting freshness behind you!


2. Eat up! When your body is cold, you need more calories to keep you warm. Now is not the time for dieting (it’s not really the Sassy way anyway!) – indulge in some good stick-t0-your ribs fare to keep your engine running. Pasta, shepherd’s pie, tons of steamed rice and spicy curries – yum yum.


3. Keep your hands warm by clutching a warm cuppa – take your pick of herbal teas (we love the Yogi tea range sold at Life Cafe) or delicious hot chocolate. I was sitting shivering today in front of my computer for hours before I realized I should just go and put the kettle on! It’s central heating for your insides. I also love a Hot Toddy, usually made with rum, which is a delicious wintery treat – the Captain’s Bar at the Mandarin Oriental is the idea place to try one!


4. Fingerless gloves keep typing fingers flying over the keyboard – black lycra ones like the kind often worn by shop assistants in HK can be bought in the Lanes in Central, or at the Ladies Market. Lacey ones a la Madonna won’t keep you very warm though, so choose carefully!

5. Take to your bed – preferably with a cuddly pet or warm person to join you! Cuddle up under the duvet and stack layers of cosy blankets on top of you. Light candles. Read under the covers. Luxuriate. Refuse to leave unless it’s a DIRE emergency. For candles, try the Candle Company, and for cuddly blankets, we head to the 3rd Floor of the Princes Building…


6. If you’re not able to take the preferred option of staying in bed all day, exercise is another great way to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing – how about trying a Hot Yoga class? Or join us as we run around Hong Kong Park on Tuesday nights for Bikini Bootcamp!


And voila! We’re toasty and warm… How will you be staying warm this winter?
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