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Inspiration: Hen Night/Bachelorette Party

Sometimes it’s a struggle to think of creative ideas for Hen Nights/Bachelorette Parties. After all, most of us want to give our friends the fun of the traditional experience, but also want it to keep it semi-classy! That’s why we love this idea from Melangerie NYC, who’ve created a special “Dirty Laundry” kit that can includes 40 little clothes-shaped notecards and a washing line, for girls to write up their favourite behaving-badly, funny memory and string it up for all to see.

You can leave the fake laundry-detergent bottle on a table to let guests know what they should be doing! The best thing is that afterwards you could save all the little cards and give them to the bride to keep as special memories forever. Available in tons of different colour combo’s, there’s a kit to match every theme.
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