7 April, 2011

I heart Ettika… and Champagne

7 April, 2011

About a week and a half ago I was in beautiful Phuket reconnecting with my love of yoga. I find that my life here in Hong Kong is full on all the time and I have the tendency to get swept up in all the craziness, chaos and high speed energy that buzzes all around us here.

I came back from my trip fully energized, refreshed and ready to tackle Hong Kong with a whole new, improved and very healthy way of living. That is, until I checked my calendar and saw that my week was filled with parties that involved champagne drinks (my downfall!) – the complete opposite of the beetroot juice I enjoyed at my retreat. Goodbye mellow energy…hello hangovers.

Oh, and hello to Ettika too…


The day I got back from my trip I met with Janet from Basically Nowhere and she told me about Ettika, a line of bracelets that she sells on her site. The line was “handcrafted with love in the USA” and the concept behind the collection is to create an extension of your own character and to also generate good energy in all that surrounds you. Yay! Knowing my inner zen was about to unravel pretty soon I snapped up the super cute (they look so good stacked) bracelets in my signature black and white and have been wearing them ever since.

Andrea (a new Sassy team member) and I wearing Ettika bracelets stacked!

Wearing the Ribbon and Rhinestone bracelet solo

The collection comes in all colours of the rainbow and there are so many to choose from. You can either wear them individually, stacked or intertwined. The prices range from $235 to $690 and while I am a total advocate of stacking I would say if I had to choose just one it would most definitely be the 3x Wrap Bracelet (HK690).

So, the moral of my story is this. Ettika is good for your style and your soul. When I wear my bracelets I feel good energy all around me although I am kind of uncertain as to whether to associate that with the bracelet or a champagne buzz!

Sassy Discount: Remember, Basically Nowhere is offering Sassy readers 15% off until 30 April. Use the code SassyHongKong to receive your discount.

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