25 July, 2014
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Hyaku – a juice cleanse with a difference!

25 July, 2014

Juice cleanses have seriously become a massive deal in Hong Kong – students, youngsters, busy professionals all want to jump on the bandwagon and try one out. After all, with the hectic Hong Kong lifestyle of late nights and indulgent meals out, cleansing our system every so often can be very beneficial (check out our detox guide here!). But surviving on only a few bottles of juice a day is tough, especially if you aren’t used to it. Low energy and dizziness are not ideal feelings during work, on top of the common afternoon sluggish feel! But we’ve found an alternative – Hyaku. This is one of the newest juice cleanse companies on the block, and they take a completely different approach to the idea of cleansing…

Instead of solely having juice as meal replacements, they offer juicing ‘supplements’ which are designed to accompany your diet. Love food too much? Then this gives you the best of both worlds! Yes, those were our exact thoughts when we heard about this cleanse. The cold pressed juices are meant to contain your daily fruit and vegetable serving (with no added sugar, water or preservatives). They come fresh and daily in the form of four 250ml bottles, providing you with enough nutritional nourishment needed throughout the day.


The juices are delivered straight to your office or home every morning right before noon – and have we mentioned how much we love the packaging? The box they come in can easily fit into any fridge and the lid of the box can be torn off and be used as a coaster!

We have tested out their Demi 10 day cleanse, and each day you get four juices: Crimson (beetroot, celery, carrot + daily fruit), Greens (cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce, spinach, pear + daily fruit), Ginger (ginger, pear + daily fruit) and Water+ (coconut water, filtered water + daily fruit). The daily fruit is changed up with either watermelon, lime, apple, pear or honeydew. The fruit ensures all four of the juices are sweet and a perfect pairing to any meal! No need to reach out for the coke or lemon tea.


Each juice has a specific purpose and is supposed to be taken in a particular order. First it’s the Crimson, which is created to flush your body of toxins. Greens is second and created to replenish your vitamins and up next is Ginger which restores your mental and physical stability. The day ends with Water+, keeping your body hydrated. Our favourite was definitely the Ginger which gave us a great boost of energy around 5pm, ideal when you’re struggling to make it to the end of the day!

While on the cleanse, they recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet. The idea behind Hyaku is to internalise a healthy habit of making fruits and vegetables an essential in your lifestyle – we love that we can still eat normally, just with some added tasty, nutrient boosts. We would definitely say it’s an ideal option for beginners and those who can’t quite stand the taste of pure green juices yet! Also, the Hyaku philosophy adapts well to a typical busy lifestyle of a Hong Kong-er – it won’t prevent you from any social or work commitments, allowing you to cleanse while continuing with daily life… win-win situation? We think so!

The juices definitely helped us feel energised and we noticed that our meal sizes got smaller too as the juices were quite filling. Personally, we know how hard it is to ensure that you get your daily serving of 5 fruits and veggies and this is perfect for people who are always on the go!

The prices for the juices are $780 for the Taster Plan for 5 days, $1,480 for the Demi Plan for 10 days and $2,800 for the Vivo Plan for 20 days and they are delivered Monday to Friday. To place your orders email [email protected]


With every purchase of the Vivo 20 day plan ($2,800) you get a complimentary Taster 5 day plan (worth $780)! Just remember to mention SASSYGIRL while placing your order via email. This offer is valid until 31 August, 2014.

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