Hong Kong Summers and Bad Hair Days

Hong Kong summers are so much fun….junk boat trips around the harbour, roof top terrace parties, and laying out by the pool. We get the chance to wear flowing maxi dresses and sandals nearly everyday. Life doesn’t get much better, but wait–the HUMIDITY! The humidity manages to make my hair take on a life of its own. No matter how much time I spend blow drying, flat ironing, and styling, the second I walk out of my air conditioned apartment into the hot and humid streets of Hong Kong, my hair looks like a natural disaster.

I went to see my amazing hair stylist Shayne the owner of Salon Chandler a couple days ago. I begged for him to teach me ways to wear my hair up, asked if perhaps I should just chop it off for the summer, whined about all the unmanageable fly-aways and frizz…. Shayne had a simple answer for me BAREX de-frizzante line. Immediately I thought great, more hair products that are just going to break my bank and take up space in my cabinet (I have every possible product for the hair, and I swear I never ever use them!). I was super skeptical, so Shayne convinced me to start with at least the BAREX de-frizzante spray. I have to say, I have been using this leave-in spray for the past few days and my hair is definitely a bit more manageable! This frizz eliminating, static defying, humidity blocking spray is really making it possible for me to wear my hair down in this Hong Kong heat. I might even go back to Salon Chandler this week to get the shampoo and conditioner as well!!

Salon Chandler: 2537-3737
My Stylist: Shayne Chandler–in my opinion the most fab stylist in HK!
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