24 March, 2014
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Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Health Guide – For the health conscious party animal

24 March, 2014

So the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens are here… an event bigger than Christmas in the 852, and a lot more lethal on your liver! The steamy South Stands are ready and waiting for you and you’ve got your golden tickets tucked away. You’ve read the Sassy Hong Kong Sevens Event Guide and the Survival Guide and are ready to get your party on!

But step on the breaks for just a second… and take a minute to check out this nifty Hong Kong Sevens Health Guide, because while I’m always up for a fun shindig this annual beast is a whole different animal. I know a thing or two about the human body and how nasty alcohol can be when it comes to body composition and health, so listen up ladies… because this ones for you!

Any leading nutritional experts will have a panic attack simply at the thought of alcohol intake, but by this point the decision has been made – you will have your moment of glory downing pints and culling cocktails… so let’s give you some tricks and tips on how to minimise the damage!

Without getting into the nitty-gritty and using lots of big nerdy words, it essentially boils down to the fact that alcohol is unusable and un-storable in the body. This means that certain metabolic processes usually reserved for dealing with carbohydrate and fat metabolism are halted while the body attempts to deal with 34 lagers and a kebab.

To assist the process, there are some simple steps you can take to put the body in a healthier position leading into, and coming out of, the Bermuda triangle of alcohol consumption.

Follow this cheat-sheet to save your soul at this year’s Sevens:





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