Hitting up Boots in Bangkok

Unfortunately heading to Bangkok last week I knew that some big shopping favourites had been destroyed in the recent turmoils (seeing Central World with a huge crater in it made me so sad), so there was no more Topshop, Miss Selfridge or Dorothy P to give me a taste of UK High Street shopping. I was however excited to experience one of my favourite things about going to Thailand – knowing I’ll get a fix of Boots goodness! Boots is a UK chemist, or “drug store” to all you Americans, which as well as selling the usual pharmacy items, also has various fabulous own-brand product ranges which are always innovative and results-driven as well as reasonably priced. The product ranges I particularly recommend stocking up on are: Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect, Boots Botanics, and anything from The Experts line. Boots stores are all over Bangkok, as well as in the airport, so you really can’t miss them!

I finally managed to pick up a bottle of the product that had the whole beauty world buzzing, Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect serum, the launch of which had UK women queueing up outside stores. This super-silky serum feels amazing on application, and promises visible results within 30 days. I do have quite a lot of fine lines around my eyes (I’m calling them laughter lines not crow’s feet!), so I’m hoping to see some improvement. I’m normally quite skeptical about skincare claims like the ones that this product makes, but knowing just how many women swear by it makes me a believer! In fact, I am fairly sure I can even see a very small immediate smoothing of the fine lines around my eyes as soon as I put it on.

I also stocked up on some Boots Botanics Oil Cleanser and Night Cream, both of which I’ve used before and loved, and are great for my dry and sensitive skin. Stretch Mark Oil by Boots The Experts also had to go in my shopping basket as heading into my 8th month of pregnancy I’m feeling a whole lot of stretching going on and would love to avoid those evil little stretch marks!

Do you have a favourite Boots product you’d like to recommend to Sassy readers?

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