5 November, 2010

Guest Blogger: farewell beautiful shoes, hello savings account

5 November, 2010

Spend vs Save. It is a constant struggle isn’t it? For those who simply love all things fabulous spending is something that can bring so much joy to your life, that is until the day you realize that your savings account is completely tapped out. Today, our Guest Blogger Jessica tells us about her realization that she needs a bit more ‘sensible Jessica’ in her life and a tiny bit less of  her ‘fashionista’ self’.

Hope you enjoy her post. I (Maura) am off to do some internet shopping as ‘sensible Maura’ will be starting a new savings plan first thing tomorrow. I just can’t quit cold turkey now can I?!

YSL Palais Mohawk suede pump

Oh how I want you…  You are the shoe du jour mi amore!  Beautiful, beautiful shoes.  With your chunky sensible (ish) heel, comfortable platform (no burning balls from you), the stunning and unique goat fur down the heel (may the spirit of YSL live on forever), all in a seasonal winter grey, what more could a girl want?   How could I not want you?  And trust me, I do want you.  But I have turned over a whole new leaf (or maybe I should say tree as this feels so huge) and have decided that times have got to change.

Firstly let me tell you there would have been a time when the credit card would have cha-chinged and the pretty shoes and their gorgeous box would have been mine.  They would have lived in perfect harmony with their fellow friends (the tributes, blahniks and choos of course) on the VIP shelf of my beloved wardrobe.

Reader, I hear you cry, how could you leave them?  Well it wasn’t easy I can assure you of that.  But let me tell you why. Having become a 30 something woman with not much more to account for than a wardrobe (fabulous as I think it is), it is time to get myself together and start to invest in my future, and that means saving* (boyfriend I hope you are reading this) as well as spending.  Like most of you I am sure, I have made some terrible impulse purchases (not that I would include these beloved shoes in this category – should I buy them – but you know what I mean).  The credit card has been maxed more times than I can remember, which I wouldn’t mind, but unfortunately it is true what they say, with age comes the idea of wanting a little more (but only just in my case).  An apartment, a car, a more luxurious holiday than back packing or a 3 star in Ibiza.  So it was time to change my spending habits, which I can confirm is a constant negotiation between ‘sensible’ me and ‘fashionista’ me.

Now I know this isn’t going to be easy and I won’t lie to you, I certainly am not enjoying this.  Call me old, call me sensible, call me boring but this is me (for now).

I can’t promise that I won’t fall off the band wagon and the credit card be flashed again, but for now it is farewell to the beautiful shoes and hello savings account…


* Please read as meaning saving for the shoes as well as the future, one must ease oneself in to it, non?

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