17 March, 2015

Win a ghd curve™! Let’s hear it for the curls – we try out ghd’s new curve™ collection

17 March, 2015

Sick of the same old hairstyle every time you go out? Instead of dashing to the salon to get a blowout before a night out on the town, why not get ready at a leisurely pace (with a glass of wine!) in the comfort of your own home using the latest tongs and wands from ghds curve collection? ghd are known for their fab stylers used by top professionals and celebrities everywhere, and we decided to test out all four curling wands and tongs from the new ghd curve™ collection ourselves to see if they could transform our manes into something marvellous!

lauren-revisedLauren, “Classic Curl” using the Classic Curl Tong
If you’ve got shorter hair then never fear – ghd has you covered. That’s right, if you thought that different styling options were off the cards for you, think again. The ghd curve™ collection’s ‘Classic Curl Tong’ was able to perfectly create a bit of texture and movement in Lauren’s shorter ‘do without being too twee.

Top tip: If you hold the ends of the hair as you curl, it leaves a bit of length in and makes sure the curls aren’t too tight. Leaving the ends out gives a slightly undone look… Run some ghd smooth and finish serum through to finish the look off. It will truly transform all hair lengths to create rich, consistent curls for classic styles. We love this option for shorter hair!

leslie-v2Leslie: “Laidback Luxe” using the Creative Curl Wand
Leslie’s long locks were given a beachy makeover to create the ‘Laidback Luxe’ look using the ‘Creative Curl Wand’. This revolutionary tapered wand is ideal for a natural, tousled look – perfect for summer! The waves were easily created giving her usually straight locks a lovely texture and beachy vibe. She loved the end result, which lasted all day and night.

Top tip: For the prettiest results, twist once at the root then wrap the hair around the wand and keep twisting as you wrap, hold for 5-8 seconds and release. For even more of a beachy feel, put your head upside down and run your fingers through the roots (pretend it’s like a shampoo!). Then finish off with a light spritz of ghd final shine spray. Flip the hair back to create width and texture and you’re ready for that beach party!

shaneli-v2Shaneli: “Voluptuous Volume” using the Soft Curl Tong
Shaneli’s thick tresses were prepped with a root lift spray and blow-dried to soften the hair follicles and create volume and shape. The ‘Soft Curl Tong’ was then used to create really voluptuous volume that perfectly complemented Shaneli’s sultry make-up look. This polished look was easily achieved with the Soft Curl Tong and resulted in the most beautiful look on Shaneli. Check out those big soft curls – oh-so-glam!

Top tip: Once hair has been curled, spray a fine mist with ghd final shine spray and leave for 10 minutes before teasing out. This ensures all the curls have cooled down! The Soft Curl Tong is perfect for creating big, open curls that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion… we love a versatile look!

dervla-v2Dervla: “Hollywood Waves” using the Classic Wave Wand
Dervla is known for her amazing hair, but the ‘Classic Wave Wand’ was able to turn her wild curls into polished Hollywood Waves. The length was really accentuated using this wand, smoothing out the top and middle sections of her hair and leaving clean and sophisticated waves at the end. She left looking like a real movie star, perfect for a fancy event – especially paired with a bold red lip or smokey eye!

Top tip: Once you have finished all hair sections with the wand, leave them to cool down for 10 minutes. Then, using the ghd paddle brush, brush through them and begin at the top of the head. Brush down in one movement to get a perfect wave before finishing with ghd final shine spray. You’ll be red carpet ready in no time!


If you’re looking for a fab new hair style that’s easy to create and will last all night long, then we would definitely recommend trying out this latest ghd curve™ collection. It’s so easy to use and will give your ‘do an instant update – Sassy approved! The patented tri-zone® technology uses six heat sensors to maintain the barrel at a consistent 185°C whilst keeping your hair happy and healthy… we were all loving our different styles and felt super glamorous the rest of the day. Time to get styling!

Want to try out these amazing new tongs yourself? You’re in luck! We’re giving away a ghd curve™ to one lucky reader – simply fill in your details into the form below for the chance to win… and don’t forget to let us know which wand or tong is your favourite!


ghd’s curve™ collection is available at the following stores in Hong Kong here.

Thank you to the wonderful Aydee Tie for the photos of our Sassy Girls!

Brought to you in partnership with ghd

Photos taken by Aydee Tie


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