12 August, 2011

Get Rock n’ Roll with Ksubi

12 August, 2011

Recently, I was invited to check out the new Ksubi (pronounced sue-bee) limited edition collection at IT Hysan in Causeway Bay. If you are not familiar with the brand, let me fill you in. Ksubi was founded in 2000 by two Australian surfers, Dan Single and George Gorrow, who met in a bar fight. This reminds me of a quote from another surfer, Keanu Reeves, who informs us in the movie Speed that “… relationships based on intense experiences never work.” Well, lucky for Dan and George, it did work and they joined forces to create Ksubi eyewear, accessories, footwear, jeanswear, and basically anything and everything for men and women to wear. Whoa!

Clockwise from top: (standing )Dan Single, Gus, (seated) George Garrow, and Toby “ The People’s Champion” posing in front of their jean machine installation.

These guys are exactly what you want in a designer team. The Ksubi boys work on each piece individually to make sure it is exactly what they envision before moving on to the next custom creation. This is a very busy bunch of guys. They are not only involved in clothing, but also in the music and art scenes and are shown here with their “Jean Machine” installation.

 Their laid back attitudes and eclectic pieces are what celebs like Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Erin Wasson, and Nicole Ritchie flock to. While the guys are known for crazy antics like releasing 200 live rats on to the catwalk, their philosophy is a bit more reserved. In their own words “they make great things with great people.” The clothing is all about self-expression. It is extremely detailed and so personal you will feel like you are wearing a piece of art. And with a pair of jeans in their line retailing at HK9,999.00, feel free to call it an investment piece!

The collection has a hard core rock and roll vibe and would be perfect for those who like to live on the edge – or at least like to dress like they do. My favorite piece is the studded jean shorts or as I kindly refer to them, “jorts”. In Hong Kong, the temps rise day after day and these little studded beauties would keep me cool in both temp and attitude.  

For those that prefer a little more coverage and don’t want to worry about the peekage of the cheekage, then I suggest the studded jackets and vests. These would be amazing over a girly little summer dress to amp it up with some edge. The cream jacket with the fur patches on the back would kill with skinny jeans and pumps once it cools down a bit. I am sure everyone you passed on D’Aguilar would want to give you a little pat on the back. What a great conversation starter!

Also, be sure to check out the retrospective spectacle display. While I may be a bit too reserved to wear many of these pieces, I can tell you that my inner Gaga is lusting after the chain mail glasses. Even if you aren’t a rock star you can still dress like one. So don a pair of studded leather shorts and those giant shades and keep them guessing baby!!! “Who is she? She must be famous!!!”

The special Ksubi collection for IT is only available at IT Hysan One, and prices range from HK1,899 to HK9,999.

I.T Hysan One, One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, 2890 7012

photos by www.sabrinasikoraphotography.com


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