25 February, 2013
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Gateway supermarket – bulk buy your fave American brands in Sheung Wan

25 February, 2013

I love Hong Kong whole-heartedly but sometimes I miss the little things about America. OK… maybe they are not so little… Maybe they are more the giant supersized things! Of course, I am referring to buying in bulk at superstores! Everything just seems tiny in the shops here in the Kong. I feel like every time I am in Park N Shop or ThreeSixty, I have to buy two of everything just to last me a week! Then you are left hauling it around town feeling like a pack mule. Well honey, those days are over! Meet Gateway!

In case you hadn’t heard of it already, Gateway in Sheung Wan is Hong Kong’s answer to American superstores like Sam’s and Costco. If you need A LOT of something, you can buy it here! Everything from spices, to cereals, to snacks, to wine, to diapers (112 for $418!) is big buy here. This is the place to hit up before the holiday baking starts and it’s the perfect spot to stock up for parties of all kinds.

While there is no refrigerated section, you can buy all your dry goods here with ease (think plastic cutlery, trash bags, paper towels, canned goods, box cake mixes… the list is endless). This is great if you like those famous American brands you grew up with (many of which can be hard to find in Hong Kong) but if you only shop organic, Gateway probably won’t be your destination of choice as the organic goods are slim to none!

This is not a shopping destination that you are going to want to waste time at. There are no catchy tunes, no bakery smells and no wine tastings so I suggest bringing your iPod with some good tracks and just getting in and getting out. It is even better if you have a list to keep you focused, as it’s very easy to get side tracked when you see two boxes of double stuffed Oreos for only $56!

Feel free to buy, buy, buy because you qualify for free delivery if you spend over $850. The other great thing is that if you do not see something in the store then just give Gateway a call and they can make a special order for you.

So add Gateway to your shopping list if you like saving a few bucks, miss your all-American brands and have the space to store your haul. And be sure to pick up a bag of Reece’s Pieces on the way out – seriously, it’s the only place I have seen them sold in HK!

Gateway Basement, 188 Des Voeux Road, Central
2545 0338

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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