Fighting Frizz

With all the rain and humidity we’ve been having lately, after a day of schlepping around to meetings we’re all a little frizzy and frazzled – sleek locks are just not achievable in a Hong Kong summer unfortunately for us… We have also heard from very respected hairdresser authorities that de-frizzing products don’t work at all and actually leave your hair flat and sad-looking by weighing it down.

Last week we blogged about the beauty looks ahead, and how on the runways textured hair ruled. Now we’re spotting more and more examples of braids (or plaits as we British call them!) in style magazines and around town. In particular, the fishbone style (shown above on Mary Kate and Diane Kruger) is a great option as it works with hair’s natural frizz and wave to create a messy and imperfect, but still cool look. Even better, if you have problems with styling with combs and hands around the back of your head (I am very challenged in this area!), you can pull the braid around to the side and it will look even better. Voila – summer frizz embraced!

Image via Who What Wear
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