23 August, 2010

Evie: The Best of Nature in a Bottle

23 August, 2010

About a month ago we heard about Evie Personal Care, which is a line of products that prides itself on being the “Best of Nature in a Bottle”. Evie was started after its founders became extremely frustrated over the lack of natural and effective skincare products. Their products are formulated with certified organic essential oils and the finest natural ingredients from all the over the world.

All the packaging is also environmentally friendly as well as it is made from recycled materials. With new products I typically make a preconceived (and non-educated I must say) opinion about its effectiveness after looking at the packaging (yes, I am a marketer’s dream!) and at first glance, the clean aluminum design of their bath line had me wanting to know more.

The lovely ladies at Evie were nice enough to send me their “Amazingly Soothing Makeup Remover” to try out and it has been a fixture in my nighttime routine ever since I received it in the mail. It is packaged in a clear glass bottle which seems so much more fancy then the plastic bottles that regularly line my bathroom sink. The essential oils in the remover make me feel as if I am in a spa every time I use it and it has been said that their oils also have exceptional soothing effects on the mind which is just perfect for pre bedtime use. The Makeup Remover is great for all skin types and is free from synthetic colours, fragrance, SLS surfactants and toxic chemicals. It costs $320 for a 150ml bottle.

Other products in the line are their Daily Clarifying Hair Cleanser, Thoughtfully Replenishing Hair Nutrients, Blissfully Refreshing Shower Gel, Wondrously Velvety Day Hand Nutrients, Wondrously Velvety Night Hand Nutrients.

I have yet to try the other products but I think next on my list will be their body line because I really want to test what is inside those clean looking aluminum bottles. You can buy Evie products online from their website or at the following locations in Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay
Mi Ming Mart, Po Foo Building, 1 Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay, 2893 7008
Iconlady, 3/F, Golden Bloom Centre, 25 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, 2116 1589

Iconlady, 5/F, 26 Wellington Street, Central, 2116 1991
Le Salon, 601-2, 6/F, Loke Yew Building, 50-52 Queens Road, Central, 2526 0001
The Xenter, 7/F, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road, Central, 2545 4188

JJ Beauty, Shop 610, 6/F, CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, 2388 6286
Anthon G, 14/F, Zhongda Building, 38-40 Haiphong Road, TST, 3188 9638

$320 for 150ml

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