We-Vibe Scavenger Hunt
12 Feb 2022


We-Vibe’s Global Scavenger Hunt

We-Vibe Scavenger Hunt

Leading pleasure product brand We-Vibe is running a multi-city scavenger hunt, offering an alluring alternative Valentine’s Day weekend activity. The prize? Free sex toys for a year, totalling around $77,000! Five Chorus toys will be hidden in iconic romantic locations in a number of cities including New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. Simply crack the clues, find the prize and send a photo to [email protected] for a chance to win!

Here are the clues for Hong Kong:

  1. The only place in HK where you can hang your love locks on the fence in the centre of a heart
  2. Put your middle finger inside …… the diamond rings
  3. Use the red key near the harbour to open the door to a land of pleasure and love.
  4. Happy Together! Find his handprint and get it imprinted on yours.
  5. Miss Sally and their intimate stylists are more than happy to explore different possibilities of pleasure with you
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Image courtesy of We-Vibe via Instagram.

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