urban retreat green sports day whats on events
20 Mar - 25 Apr 2021

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Urban Retreat Green Sports Day

urban retreat green sports day whats on events

Taking in a breath of fresh air has been proven to be increasingly difficult since the pandemic hit, which is why Lok Fu Place is here to offer a spacious outdoor space for you and your best mates to get moving! The event space is divided into three zones (a turf zone, a ball game zone and a playing field), some of which will include fun pottery workshops and farm tours. If you’re not sure which to pick, specific group sports are also available (such as mölkky, ring tennis and floor curling) – perfect for those looking to spend an activity-filled and sweaty afternoon with friends.

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Free entry!


Lok Fu Place, Junction Road, Wang Tau Hom, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Link Hong Kong.

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