FYD Februady Navigate Towards Fulfilment Whats On
02 - 23 Feb 2021

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Navigate Towards Fulfilment

FYD Februady Navigate Towards Fulfilment Whats On

Hosted by Leadership & Life Coach Monica Browning, this four-part explorational course is here to help you gain clarity and find fulfilment in the midst of personal and societal challenges. Apart from the online events, you’ll also receive a personal learning journal, as well as one-to-one time with Monica. Whether you’re looking to find purpose in your life or are seeking to achieve your personal goals, this series is an excellent opportunity to explore, discover and connect with who you truly are.

When: Every Tuesday from 2, February to 23, February, 7:30pm to 9pm

Event Price
$2,300 per person

Image 5 courtesy of Monica Browning.

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