Hong Kong Podcast Festival (HK Podfest) - Candid Conversations
27 May 2019

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Hong Kong Podcast Festival (HK Podfest): Candid Conversations

Hong Kong Podcast Festival (HK Podfest) - Candid Conversations

Love podcasts and love our city? Head down to Hong Kong’s inaugural Podcast Festival (HKPodfest) this month, which will showcase local podcasts live on stage. Hear local podcasters and influencers interview and chat to intriguing guests on a variety of compelling topics, including our very own Surmayee Tetarbe (host of Sassy Speaks), Sara Tang (host of Better in Bed), Aaron Stadlin Robbie (host of Talking Mental) and more.

When: Monday, 27 May, 7pm to 9pm
Where: Hong Kong Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road Central Hong Kong, Central, Hong Kong

Event Price
General: $120
Fringe members: $96


Fringe Club, Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Kane Reinholdtsen via Unsplash

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