Club Rangoon
24 Apr 2021

Community & Charity

“Community Service” At Club Rangoon

Club Rangoon

Drink for a cause at Club Rangoon. The Burmese restaurant is joining forces with Scapegrace, Applewood and a.potion HK to launch a new bi-monthly event aimed at raising awareness of the amount of waste that bar and dining establishments produce on a regular basis.

Sip on four exclusive cocktails made with unwanted ingredients provided by Club Rangoon. Highlights include the Scrub Up ($110), a coffee-infused Kina Vermouth made using discarded coffee grounds, and Pulp Friction ($110), a gin-based concoction which uses grapefruit peels to achieve its distinctive tang. There will also be a selection of products from a.potion available, including a Ginger & Tumeric Muscle Relief Balm ($68) made from the discarded skins of root spices, a Handmade Grapefruit Soap ($68) and more. All proceeds from these products, plus $10 from every cocktail sold, will go to the charity Feeding Hong Kong.

When: From 6pm

Event Price
Free Entry


Club Rangoon, Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of Club Rangoon.

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