Events ifc mall Little Things in Life
08 - 28 May 2020


Beautiful: Little Things In Life

Events ifc mall Little Things in Life

Editor’s Note: The situation in Hong Kong regarding closures and restrictions on opening hours due to the coronavirus is constantly evolving. Many businesses are taking extra precautions, but please make sure you follow the latest government advice and stay home if you have recently travelled overseas, have interacted with anyone who has been away, or display any symptoms.

There’s no better season than spring when it comes to celebrating new beginnings, which is why ifc mall is here to brighten up your spring spirits! From the mall’s newly added motion-detected game to mini gift packs, ifc mall’s latest event is all about being gratuitous and finding happiness from the little things in life. So, if you’re up for a fun, lighthearted experience (with secret prizes!), head over now and enjoy!


Ifc Mall; Man Cheung Street, Central, Hong Kong

Image courtesy of ifc mall.

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