Why This is Some of The Tastiest Beef You Can Buy

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Grass Fed

OBE Organic cattle are raised in the most incredibly beautiful landscape. Spread across a vast outback Australian inland river basin, OBE Organic farmers manage over 7 million hectares of farmland – that’s over 900 times the area of Hong Kong island – allowing cattle to graze on over 200 species of native herbs, succulents and grass that is free from chemicals or pollution.

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Free Roaming

With few fences, cattle roam freely to eat seasonal native pastures. OBE Organic’s meat has no added hormones, chemicals, additives or other harmful ingredients, so you know that you’re getting the best there is when making a meal. And because the cattle are free to eat what they want, the flavour of OBE Organic Beef is a reflection of the unique natural environment with that massive diversity of pasture that the cattle are raised in.

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High Quality Distributors

OBE Organic Beef passes stringent quality inspections before reaching your table. Every step of its production chain is meticulously documented, so you have the guaranteed assurance of food safety.

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OBE Organic produces some of the world’s best organic beef. The company was started by family farmers in the 1990s as Australia’s first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef. It was founded on century old traditions – raising cattle exactly the way nature intended. No chemicals, no pollutants, no hormones, nothing, except a wholehearted commitment to letting the most enriching natural forces and environment produce the very best grass fed organic beef.

As well as being certified organic OBE Organic is also sustainable, with its FLOURISH sustainability program managing environment, animals, people and product in its supply chain.

OBE Organic beef isn’t just good, it’s delicious. How the cows are raised and treated means every cut is infused with natural flavours. They don’t call it Seasoned By Nature for nothing! Now that the importance of sustainable food is finally making its way to Hong Kong, it’s evident that sustainability equals fresh, flavourful food that you can feel good about. These practices mean you get nothing but a fabulous steak; you can just add a little seasoning, toss it on the barbecue and have an amazing meal that you’ll love!

OBE Organic Beef can be found at the top Hong Kong grocers such as Great Food Hall and selected Taste and Park’n’Shop supermarkets, so you don’t need to be searching online to get a great cut of meat. Check out the various locations you can buy it here!

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