18 December, 2017
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MyMarket Delivers Affordable French Quality Products Straight To Your Doorstep!

18 December, 2017

Shop for quality French food without leaving your sofa


Admit it, we’ve all been guzzling copious amounts of mulled wine and champagne, feasting on one too many rich meals, and have been draining our bank accounts in order to buy gifts and indulge in festive celebrations. Time to regroup and start next year off right – set that budget, stick to those healthy meals and get organised! If that sounds like a plan to you, then you’ll love the new online French supermarket, MyMarket, that’s guaranteed to make those New Year’s Resolutions more achievable!

Start eating cleaner this year and let MyMarket help you along the way. Specialising in French products, MyMarket prides itself on high quality, hormone-free traditional French meat cuts, wild seafood and its organic food selection, which are all sourced directly from France. You can find out exactly where your food is produced, as MyMarket works directly with the producers, farmers and factories to ensure quality control and traceability. Choose from a selection of meats, vegetables, wine, bakery, organic, baby food, and more!

It’s not just the high quality of the food that you’ll love. MyMarket delivers all your orders straight to your door. Simply order online, and in a couple of clicks you can expect a delivery at your earliest convenience. Definitely helpful when trying to organise what you’ll have for dinner after a long and busy day at work, and even more helpful if you’re hosting a dinner party for friends and need something impressive. What’s more, the prices are surprisingly reasonable, and a big piece of meat to share will go a long way. It’s all about getting that bang for your buck!

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Sassy readers who enter the code ‘SASSYGIRL’ at checkout will receive 10% off online orders until 8 January, 2018.


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