31 March, 2010
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Easter @ Vero Chocolates

31 March, 2010


With the long holiday coming up so many people seem to be leaving Hong Kong to get some well needed rest and relaxation in places like Cebu and Sanya.   I’ve  actually decided to take a “staycation” for the Easter holiday.  I will be enjoying Hong Kong, will be hanging around my apartment, and I will definitely be spotted at Vero Chocolates.  

Vero Chocolates is a  modern boutique chocolate shoppe with fresh handmade chocolates (that will turn you into a chocoholic if you aren’t already) complete with a full bar  and gorgeous views of the harbour.  Their chef  has created  a special dessert menu and even arranged some chocolate making workshops for all of us who have decided to hang in Hong Kong for the holiday!

If you’re queen of the kitchen or even domestically challenged (like me) and you want to learn a bit about making your own Easter treats, sign up for Vero’s Easter Chocolate Workshop.  Their chocolate expert will be giving tips on how to decorate your own Easter chocolate gifts (this Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm) like marshmallow lollipops, Easter cookies and chocolate bunnies.  This a great one for the kids as well.

So putting on an apron might not be your thing, but you still want to get your chocolate fix then definitely check out Vero’s Easter Dessert Menu.  This specially created selection of chocolates includes Salted Caramel Mousse, Warm Yuzu Coulant and Milk Chocolate Crispy.  You can feast on this sinful platter April 1st-5th  for only $78.00!

Here is a Sassy tip for you….Vero Chocolates has the most decadant hot chocolate ever….. pure melted chocolate that is so rich and creamy….. heaven!!

 Vero Chocolates

1/F Fenwick Pier
1 Lung King Street


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