9 May, 2010

Dressing Room

9 May, 2010

One of the things I really miss about the US is the range of clothing options that are available. I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I have had with friends here about the limited number of mid range shops that are friendly to a girls budget.  Add to that the lack of online shopping options (which thankfully is starting to grow!) and it is no wonder my go to shopping destinations are H&M, Zara and Cotton On.

I love so many things about Sassy but very high up on the list is that we tend to get the inside scoop on new things that pop up around town. I love hearing about new stores, beauty salons & restaurants and it is even better if the places are little known secrets that are tucked away and difficult to find. My latest “secret” is called Dressing Room and it is an online website that specializes in “designer inspired” items at a fraction of the cost.

Two girls from Singapore, Jennifer and Seline, started Dressing Room because they found it so difficult to find chic and affordable dresses in Hong Kong.  Their regular fashion complaining sessions when they first moved here made them realize that if they are struggling with fashion other girls were as well. So, instead of continuing to agonize they decided to do something about it and start their own online website selling stylish dresses at mid range prices. We are talking, wear to work dresses starting from HK$320 and cocktail dresses costing not more than HK$750 here girls! The dresses usually ship the next business day and if it is not the right fit Jennifer and Seline are more then happy to exchange it for the right size.

I have my eye on the following which will be just perfect for the hot and hazy days of summer.

I wore a dress from Dressing Room to our Fashion Quiz last week. I got a number of compliments on it so I figured I would pass on my new secret with the rest of you. In all honesty, I was unsure about online ordering without seeing the quality of the dresses but let me assure you the quality and price is right on par with my expectations and I am very happy with my dress and can’t wait to wear it again! (Oh and please excuse my face – I think the photographer caught me mid question!)

We were able to secure a 10% discount for all Sassy members so check out their website and if you end up ordering make sure you put in the code “Sassy” to receive 10% off and free shipping within Hong Kong.

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