20 November, 2012

Dooney & Bourke FW12 – discover your inner bag lady!

20 November, 2012

My fave handbag brand, Dooney and Bourke, are back to their leather good making ways and showing us what we should be carrying this fall.

If you saw what happened at our special Sassy D&B sample sale (I may have left with err… quite a few!), you’ll know I’m no stranger to a D&B bag! These handbags are addictive given the quality, style, and value for money (and I’m not the only one who noticed – check out our Facebook album of the sale here). So let’s take a peek at what we will have on our arms for this season:


D&B has basically made it super easy for us; no matter what you choose, you will be in style! May I suggest the satchels though? I have a brown one like this from a previous season and it is fantastic! These are the perfect shape for running around town, city travelling, and generally just living in! They are filled with totally useful pockets and even a key strap so you never have to dig for your missing keys. Looking at the python print bag, I think an upgrade may be in hand for me this season!


Arrive in style with a classic shape and a rich fall hue. These bags look clean, crisp, and professional and will take you from meeting to meeting without missing a beat! Be sure to pull off the look down to every detail and stuff your purse full of Dooney and Bourke leather notepads and iPad cases too!

Have to carry that pesky laptop around with you day in and day out? Try a messenger bag for a dash of hipster chic! Now all you need is some tweed and an old bicycle and you are set!


The Happy Bags from last season went like hotcakes at the sample sale and D&B wants to make sure that you are taken care of when the colder weather comes too. After all, those candy colours only get you so far before you need to switch to something darker for winter! How about trading up for a Happy Bag in a rich print? These babies would pair perfectly with a chunky knit sweater, leggings, and a knee-high boot for January! Plus, who wants to lug around a huge sack when you are busy searching out space heaters to keep your flat warm?!


For those that need to carry more than their keys and credit cards, I give you the do-it-all carry-it-all tote! You can stuff these to the brim and not worry that the handles will snap. I have a D&B tote and have packed to where I can barely lift the thing and it still holds up day after day of my abuse!

The nylon version (shown at the start of this article) would be perfect for mums needing something super-sized but stylish for carrying around tonnes of baby stuff. Meanwhile, save the suede leather varieties for when you are just hauling your life around… or maybe use it for those day trips to Macau… perhaps to buy more D&B?!

Keep your fingers crossed for another Sassy D&B sample sale soon… you never know, your wishes might just come true *wink*! But if you can’t wait (and I don’t blame you), then rush over to the Venetian and snatch up all that’s new and perfect for your life at Dooney & Bourke! And as a seasoned D&B carrier, I can tell you these bags get better with age… just like us Sassy girls!

Dooney & Bourke, The Grande Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Macau, Unit 2616, Level 3, Cotai Strip, Macau, +853 2882 8058


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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