Dispelling The Myths By: Nathan Solia (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2: Myths 6-9

6. Abdominal Crunches Will Burn Fat Around The Waist
Due to all the fancy gimmicks that promise “Getting a six pack is you buy this machine” it is not hard to keep believing it. unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce. This means you cannot target one area and that area will tone up/ What crunches will do is strengthen the muscles underneath the layer of fat.

7. No Pain, No Gain
It doesn’t have to hurt to work. If you are lacing up your trainers for the first time, start with 30 minutes and build yourself up to an hour over four to twelve weeks. Aim for results over a long period of time that way your body does not suffer and you continue to reach small achievable goals.

8. You Can Convert Fat Into Muscle
Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. So to decrease stored body fat you must either decrease the amount of food you are eating or increase the amount of exercise you are doing.

9. Snacking Between Meals is Bad
Most nutritional advice out there today actually says you should be snacking on something every 3-4 hours to keep the metabolism up and reduce the risk of the body switching into “starvation mode.”By no means are these the only lies surrounding getting fit, but if we continue to ask: why, what, when who, where, and how? We can make sure that the information that we do receive is fact, not fiction.

Nathan Solia is our trainer for the Sassy Bikini Boot Camp.

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