20 November, 2020
Cubed: Weekly Routine
Cubed: Weekly Routine
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3 Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Weekly Routine

20 November, 2020
Cubed: Weekly Routine scoop

Get your daily dose of CBD and reap the benefits with these expert tips…

We bet you’ve heard all about the benefits of CBD. The miracle plant-powered adaptogen is said to help reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate muscle and joint pain, and improve your sleep, among other things. But how do you actually use CBD in your everyday life? We asked the experts at Hong Kong’s leading CBD brand Cubed to share their top tips and tricks on the best way to get your daily fix – and all those benefits to boot. Ahead, discover three easy ways to incorporate CBD into your weekly routine.

Cubed: CBD oil

Get Your Daily Fix

Say goodbye to the Monday morning blues and start your week off right by adding a few drops of CBD oil into your coffee. Cubed CBD Drops can be infused into any beverage without affecting its flavour, so it works well in teas and breakfast smoothies too! With this in mind, why stop at Monday? CBD can help alleviate joint or muscle discomfort, so make sure to keep a tincture handy in your workout bag when planning some to hit the gym after work!

CBD doesn’t have any dependence potential, so there’s no way to overdose. And thanks to CBD’s soothing qualities and ability to reduce stress and anxiety, it’s also been known to help the worst insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. Say hello to sweet dreams!

A Pump A Day Keeps Your Troubles Away

As we shift into the colder, drier months, your skin can become dehydrated. Enter Cubed Daily Lotion, a specially formulated topical CBD designed to combat common skin problems such as acne and flaky skin. This product can help sooth itching and eczema or dermatitis by keeping your skin moisturised. Its alcohol and steroid-free formula, and light-weight consistency make it perfect for everyday use.

Cubed: CBD cream

Your Perfect Everyday Companion

Spread a dollop of Cubed Magic Cream over your skin after your morning shower and before going to bed. The cream promises to repair damaged skin, reduce fine lines and relieve sensitive skin symptoms. Use it every day to deal with your daily skin struggles, and improve your overall skin condition. You will be amazed how it enhances your natural beauty and get that glow you’ve always wanted.

If you’re not yet convinced, check out some before-and-after photos from Cubed users and real testimonials on its website. Cubed not only boasts one of the most comprehensive range of CBD products in the city, but also stocks its shelves with the Hong Kong consumer in mind in an effort to help us control the everyday stressors in our lives.

To make it even easier to get started, Cubed has put together different bundle sets, such as the Skin and Emotion Relieve Set (which includes the Daily Repair Lotion and CBD Drops), and the Fall-Winter Ultra Moisturising Set, designed to help Hong Kongers deal with daily issues.

Sassy Perk: Use the code sassy upon any purchase at checkout to receive a free CBD Drops tester (valued at $216) or a Spot Treatment tester (valued at $300).

Cubed, en.cubedhk.com, www.facebook.com/cubedcbdhk, www.instagram.com/cubedhk

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