3 November, 2010

Closet Confession – Ulrike from Forest Bird

3 November, 2010

We have been obsessed with watching BlueFly’s Closet Confessions (if you haven’t seen them you simply must – our personal fav is Johnny Weir’s) so we thought it would be tons of fun to go exploring in the closet of Ulrike Pohl, the owner of Forest Bird.

Ulrike is without a doubt the perfect candidate for something like this since her closet is, in our opinion, absolutely to die for. Walking into the makeshift walk-in closet (aka her second bedroom) is like stumbling into a fashion dream world. Besides being totally covetable it is incredibly organized. Her clothes are separated by theme and colours, her shoes are stored perfectly in boxes and her lovely handbags live in cloth bags when they are not being used. Envisioning my closet back home I immediately felt like a slob just being in this neat little sanctuary.

Before we show you all the great things we saw we also want to tell you about a few things that are noticeably missing in Ulrike’s closet. We hardly saw the colour black (a favourite of mine) as she just doesn’t like it and there were just a splattering of patterns (a favourite of Hester’s) as Ulrike thinks they are a bit harder to make work year after year.

Ulrike has spent the majority of her adult life in the fashion industry so it comes as no surprise that over time this fashionable boutique owner has started many an obsession or two (she likes to refer to them as her “things”). Dresses, jackets, white blouses and bags are in abundance and Ulrike is certainly equal opportunity when it comes to her clothes as she often mixes items from years ago with current pieces from today.

In addition to securing amazing collections for Forest Bird Ulrike also offers styling and personal shopping experiences at her store. I think after seeing how serious she takes fashion in her “real life” I would certainly say that you are in very good hands with the fashion expertise of the Forest Bird team!

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to Ulrike and her emporium of absolutely amazing “things”….

Closet Confession – Ulrike from Forest Bird from Sassy Hong Kong on Vimeo.

Forest Bird, 39 Staunton Street, SoHo (phone: 2810 1166, email: [email protected])

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