23 August, 2010

Classics for Autumn

23 August, 2010

At Sassy you can often find us bemoaning the lack of classic pieces in our wardrobes – even though we know it’s a terrible habit, we do tend to buy on impulse, spending a little too much on cheap items that won’t last from H&M/Cotton On/Zara, and not nearly enough on building wardrobes with items to be used season after season. For the majority of my pregnancy I’ve only been able to use a tiny section of my wardrobe, and I have to tell you, I’m dying to get back to my normal size so that I can have a good clean-out of all the pieces that are just hanging there taking up space but which will probably never be worn again. I’ve got whole drawers stuffed with t-shirts and vest tops, many of them ill-fitting or bearing the kind of stains that you totally forget about until you pull it from the drawer to wear it, but which somehow never make it to the bin.

To replace the junky pieces, I’m salivating over which items I’d love to add to my wardrobe for Autumn. I know it’s still not going to cool down in Hong Kong until around October, but I’m sure I can sense a little bit of Autumn in the air…

Firstly, my favourite pair of Amaya sandals, worn religiously through two summers finally bit the dust at the weekend. These were my first expensive shoe purchase, and were definitely worth the price a hundred times over. For Autumn/Winter, I’m planning to pick up a pair of Lanvin flats which come highly recommended by one of the most stylish girls we know, Ulrike from Forest Bird. The great thing about Lanvin flats is they actually have a tiny concealed heel inside, which means your foot won’t slap as hard on the pavement as other ballerina styles.

Secondly, a purchase I’ve been wanting to make for years now: a Burberry Trench. My mum has had one since the late seventies which is still in amazing condition and looks just as modern as a brand new one, so these truly can be called classic. Despite the temptations of their sateen or leather versions, it’s the cotton twill kind I’m planning on!

Lastly, I generally transition from wearing flats in the summer, to heels in the winter, but this year I think it’s probably not going to happen. I wasn’t expecting to feel so worried about falling over while pregnant (I’m hideously uncoordinated so it’s very likely), but I know that when I’m carrying a baby I’ll feel even less like taking the risk of three inch heels on the hilled streets of Hong Kong. So I definitely want to invest in a pair of flat leather boots. Riding boots are one of my favourite looks, as I think they go so well paired with the kind of printed dresses I love, with some chunky piece of knitwear slung on top. These boots (again from Lanvin!) look just perfect – it’s hard to find styles with no embellishment this season, but these are fabulously simple.

One final thing that I always do for winter and which I swear always ends up saving money in the end, is to invest in four pairs of Wolford tights right at the beginning of the season, and throw out last years’ pairs. I think this also saves me a lot of time, as we all know how frustrating it can be when you’re in a rush in the morning and suddenly you discover you don’t have a single pair without a run in them!

What would your Autumn Classics be? Do you have any “investment pieces” you’re excited about buying?

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