Lynx Hen

Hop across the pond to Macau with one of Lynx Hen’s awesome hen packages for an unforgettable weekend out! With three different hen package tiers (appropriately named egg, chick and hen packages), you’ll be able to find something to fit your budget- or completely customise your own if you’re willing to spend a little more dollar. Every package includes round trip tickets to Macau, a stretch limo champagne tour and transfer to venues, all-inclusive cover into clubs (no pesky lines for you ladies), spa treatment and even a thoughtful cultural moment at the House of Dancing Water. Upgrading to a second tier package will get you a full course dinner with wine as well as a special ultimate party deal with China Rouge- we can’t even begin to imagine what Lynx Hen will have in store for their customisable ultimate Hen package.

Egg packages are priced at $3000 and Chick packages at $4000. Hen packages can be customised to suit a $3000-$10,000 budget.

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